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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Analysis and Construction of Genetic Network for Mice Brain Microarray Datasets-
-Application of Back-propagation Neural Network to Formulate Exercise Prescription for Taiwanese College StudentsChing-Hua Chiu; Meng-Hsiun Tsai; Yung-Kuan Chan; Shih-Pei Chang; Yi-Wen Hung; Tzu-Lin Wong
-An Blood Smear Image Based Aneima Recognition SystemChing-Lin Wang; Meng-Hsiun Tsai; Yung-Kuan Chan; Yun-Wei Mao; Wei-Chieh Chang; Ko-Wei Lin; Ching-Hua Chiu
-Development of Wafer Bin Map Multiple Pattern Recognition Model-Using Genetic Algorithm顏懷先; Huai-Hsien Yen
-Image based bicycle riding posture examining system劉昭祥; Chao-Shyang Liou
-MAP2 Antibody Staining Rat Brain Tissue Image Based Stroke Stage Diagnostic Method楊智婷; Chih-Ting Yang
-NeuN Antibody Staining Rat Brain Neurons Smear Images Based Stroke Diagnostic System游凱傑; Kai-Jie You
-Optic Disc Image Segmentation of Retina謝祖慈; Tsu-Tzu Hsieh
-PET-Image-Based Esophagus Tumor Segmentation戴余庭; Yu-Ting Tai
-PET影像自動腫瘤切割方法楊薇靜; Yang, Wei-Jing-
-Plasmodium Falciparum Diagnosis System Based On Blood Smear Image蘇裕閔; Yu-Min Su
-Ratio Computation of Stroke Rat Brain Infarct Volume and Atrophy Volume Relative to the Normal Brain Volume張雅嵐; Ya-Lan Chang
-Retinopathy Symptom Detection and Retinal Detachment Diagnosis System劉雅琪; Ya-Chi Liu
-二元影像的資訊隱藏和影像壓縮之研究何玉安; Ho, Yu-An-
-以Micro-Structure Descriptor與Gray-Level Co-occurrence Matrix暨Particle Swarm Optimization為基礎之雙階層影像處理陳宗信; Chen, Tsung-Hsin-
-以MRI影像為基礎之脊椎節自動切割方法莊雅方; Chuang, Ya-Fang-
-以特徵為基礎之斷裂物件輪廓連結器席正平; Hsi, Cheng-Ping-
-以腦組織影像為基礎之星狀細胞瘤惡性期數辨識系統魏立旻; Wei, Li-Min-
-以血液抹片為基礎之貧血症紅血球細胞辨識系統蘇明俊; Su, Ming-Jun-
-可適應性無失真資訊隱藏技術之研究李志強; Lee, Chih-Chiang-