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-Fabricated the Bi-stable Cholesteric Reflective Display and Analized the Optical Complementary PropertiesTang, Wei-Jen; 湯惟仁-
-Fabrication of GaOx Confinement Structure for InGaN Light Emitter ApplicationsYi-Yun Chen; Yuan-Chang Jhang; Chia-Jung Wu; Hsiang Chen; Yung-Sen Lin; Chia-Feng Lin; 林佳鋒
-GaN/AlGaN ultraviolet light-emitting diode with an embedded porous-AlGaN distributed Bragg reflectorGuan-Jhong Wang; Bo-Syun Hong; Yi-Yun Chen; Zhong-Jie Yang; Tzong-Liang Tsai; Yung-Sen Lin; 林佳鋒; Chia-Feng Lin
-Stability and lifetime improvenment of AFM tips in FAB operation謝蕙如; Hsieh, Hui-Ju-