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-Experiment of the Propagation of Economical Grasses for Wind Control in Coastal FarmYuan-ching Lee; 江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang; 李遠慶-
-An Experiment on the Dohlen Sites of Sabo DamLong-chu Wu; 吳龍柱; Yung-cheh Chiang; 江永哲-
-On the Survey and Plan of Slopeland Residential Area of Chou-sue Lane,TakenFan-chieh Yu; 江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang; 游繁結-
-Preliminary Investigation on the Effects of Soil and Water Conservation of Horizontal Path ReforestationUn-ching Rin; 游繁結; Fan-chieh Yu; Yung-cheh Chiang; 江永哲; 林文鎮-
-Study on Rainfall Measurement in Mountain Area (5)The Indluence of Windshield on the Measurement with Slanting Hole Raingauge江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang-
-大甲溪及蘭陽溪流域降雨量與地文數量因子關係之探討黃景春; Jiing-chuen Hwang; 江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang-
-應用地文數量因子推算淡水河流域之降雨量Sheng Liang; 江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang; 梁昇-
-現存耕地防風林之功效探討 (1)密度對風速之影響江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang; 李遠慶; Yuan-ching Lee-
-複式防風構造物防風效果之研究蔡正忠; Tsai, Chang-chung-