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-Follicular Oocytes Better Support Development in Rabbit Cloning Than Oviductal OocytesSung, L.Y.; 朱志成; Chen, C.H.; Xu, J.; Lin, T.A.; Su, H.Y.; Chang, W.F.; Liu, C.C.; Sung, Y.S.; Cheng, W.T.K.; Zhang, J.F.; Tian, X.C.; Ju, J.C.; Chen, Y.E.; Wu, S.C.; Du, F.L.-
-Synthesis, characterization of hetero-bimetallic complex and application in the polymerization of epsilon-caprolactonePan, X.B.; Liu, A.; Yao, L.H.; Wang, L.; Zhang, J.F.; Wu, J.C.; Zhao, X.B.; Lin, C.C.-