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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Au Nanoparticle Light Scattering Enhanced Responsivity in Pentacene Phototransistor for Deep-UV Light DetectionShuo-Huang Yuan; Zingway Pei; Hsin-Cheng Lai; Chien-Hsun Chen; Pei-Wen Li; Yi-Jen Chan
-Fabrication and Study on Thermal Annealing of Polymer Solar Cells張智翔; Chang, Chih-Hsaing-
-High-Responsivity and High-Sensitivity Graphene Dots/a-IGZO Thin-Film PhototransistorZingway Pei; Hsin-Cheng Lai; Jian-Yu Wang; Wei-Hung Chiang; Chien-Hsun Chen
-Low-Temperature, Chemically Grown Titanium Oxide Thin Films with a High Hole Tunneling Rate for Si Solar CellsYu-Tsu Lee; Fang-Ru Lin; Ting-Chun Lin; Chien-Hsun Chen; Zingway Pei; 裴靜偉
-Study of the electron mobility and simulation of novel devices of strained silicon-based materials廖淑慧; Liao, Shu-Hui-
-Study on Low-Voltage OTFT by Using Copolymer as The Dielectric LayerHuang, Hui-Chen; 黃惠真-
-Study on the Through-Glass-Via Formation by Photo-Chemical Etching for 3D IC Application孫瑞伯; Sun, Jui-Po-
-Toward bandgap tunable graphene oxide nanoribbons by plasma-assisted reduction and defect restoration at low temperatureWei-Hung Chiang; Ting-Chun Lin; Yan-Sheng Li; Yu-Jhe Yang; Zingway Pei
-Using Distributed Energy States of Graphene Quantum Dots for an Efficient Hole-Injection Media in an Organic Electroluminescent DeviceZingway Pei; 裴靜偉; Wei-Hung Chiang; Hong-Yu Shih; Hsiao-San Chang; Jhih-Siang Yang-
-以軟板製作非晶氧化物薄膜電晶體及其可撓曲性研究呂心晨; Lu, Hsin-Chen-
-低電壓有機薄膜電晶體與互補式反相器之研究黃鼎翔; Huang, Ting-Hsiang-
-可撓式a-IGZO/Pentacene薄膜電晶體互補式反相器之研究曾柏傑; Tzeng, Bo-Jie-
-大尺寸晶圓針測卡的熱變化與針痕研究張文華; Chang, Wen-Hua-
-太陽電池元件與系統的模型與模擬張志偉; Chang, Chih-Wei-
-奈米粒子複合介電層與可撓式a-IGZO薄膜電晶體之研究簡俊睿; Jian, Jyun-Ruei-
-氧化石墨烯奈米帶之還原製程與應用於場效電晶體感測器之研究林廷駿; Lin Ting-Chun
-液晶貼合製程參數對液晶顯示器滴下型光暈現象之研究Chih-Ping Chang; 張志平
-液晶顯示器線缺陷俢補方法蔡豐旭; Tsai, Feng-Hsu-
-矽奈米柱與奈米孔洞光捕捉結構太陽電池趙古; Subramani, Thiyagu-
-週期性微米孔洞陣列矽太陽電池賴冠宇; Lai, Guan-Yu-