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-Non-volatile taste components of several commercial mushrooms毛正倫; Yang, J.H.; Lin, H.C.; Mau, J.L.-
-Non-volatile taste components of various broth cubes毛正倫; Chiang, P.D.; Yen, C.T.; Mau, J.L.-
-Nonvolatile taste components of Agaricus bisporus harvested at different stages of maturity毛正倫; Tsai, S.Y.; Wu, T.P.; Huang, S.J.; Mau, J.L.-
-Nonvolatile Taste Components of Culinary-Medicinal Maitake Mushroom, Grifola frondosa (Dicks.:Fr.) S.F. Gray毛正倫; Huang, S.J.; Tsai, S.Y.; Lin, S.Y.; Liang, C.H.; Mau, J.L.-
-Taste quality of monascal adlayTseng, Y.H.; 毛正倫; Yang, J.H.; Chang, H.L.; Mau, J.L.-