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-0-4週齡白羅曼鵝小腸腸道組織與絨毛型態發展之觀察研究施柏齡; 陳盈豪; 余碧; 許振忠-
-A 0.5/0.8-V 9-GHz Frequency Synthesizer With Doubling Generation in 0.13-mu m CMOSYang, Ching-Yuan; Chang, Chih-Hsiang; Weng, Jun-Hong; Wu, Hsin-Ming-
-A 0.6 V 10 GHz CMOS VCO Using a Negative-Gm Back-Gate Tuned TechniqueYang, Ching-Yuan; Chang, Chih-Hsiang; Lin, Jung-Mao; Weng, Jun-Hong-
-(1) Concise Synthesis of Ganglioside Hp-s1 analogues Varying at Glucosyl Moiety (2) Development of Highly alpha-selective O-Sialylation with Various p-Tolyl Thiosialoside Based on Pre-activation Method楊世安; Shih-An Yang
-(1) Concise Synthesis of Ganglioside Hp-s1 Neu5Ac alpha(2 → 6)Glc alpha(1 → 1)Cer Analogue (2) Preparation of Sphingosine Derivative戴弘儒; Hung-Ju Tai
-(1) Sequential Yb(OTf)3 Catalyzed One-Pot Three-Component Thia-Michael Addition (2) p-Toluenesulfonic Acid Catalyzed N-Formylation of N-Formylimide with Amine in WaterHsin‐Yi Huang; 黃馨誼
-(1) Synthesis of Ganglioside Hp-s1 Analogues by Changing Glucosyl to Galactosyl Moiety (2) Synthesis of protected galactosamine葉俊鴻; Chun-Hong Yeh
-(1) 簡潔合成神經鞘氨醇 (2) 合成對於冠狀病毒核殼蛋白N端功能區之二聚體交界面具有別構調節效果的配體 (3) 合成脂質A前驅物陳逸政; Yi-Jheng Chen-
-(1) 香菇脂氧合 之毄純化及其特性之探討 (2) 香菇調味醬料開發之研究黃淑琴; HUANG, SHU-QIN-
-1)(±)-α-Cedrene之合成和 2) Nitrile Oxides之新製備方法陳耀鐘-
-(1)1,5己烯自由基環合反應之立體化學的研究.(2)利用含釕黃綠石氧化物以電化學方法進行苯甲酸化合物之氫氧基化反應陳美玲; Chen, Meei-Ling-
-(1)One-pot Synthesis of Thioesters with Bunte Salts as a Sulfur Surrogate under Transition Metal-Free Conditions (2)Hexamethyldisilazane Promoted C-N Bond Formation via Thioesters: Synthesis of Benzamides and DimethylformamidinesYen-Sen Liao; 廖彥森
-(1)Reasearch on Organic Peroxides-Interaction of Singlet Oxygen with Peroxy Radicals (2)Research on Oxidation of Sulfide-Detection of Singlet SO (II)林彥佑-
-(1)Sequential Dy(OTf)3-catalyzed solvent free per-O-acetylation and anomeric de-O-acetylation of carbohydrates (2)2-(acetylsulfanyl)methyl benzoate: Lanthanide(III) metal-catalyzed removable orthogonal protecting group of carbohydratesYi-Ling Yan; 顏翊凌
-(1)Synthesis of glycopeptide of β(1→4) diglucosamine (2)Synthesis of protected galactosamineYong-Long Syu; 許永龍
-(1)The virulence and epidemic study of Shigella flexneri 2a isolates recovered from Nantou County (2)Detection and partial identification of proteins in pearls楊世駿; Yang, Shih-Chun-
-(1)Toward the Development of a General Chiral .alpha.-Substituted Acetate Enolate Synthon for Aldolization (2)Synthesic Studies Directed toward the Amaryllidaceae Group of Alkaloids楊圖信-
-(1)建立以選擇電子轉移反應偵測模式的胜肽定量新方法(2)利用質譜儀鑑定水稻突變株M0047286榖粒外殼色素成分魏碧瑩; Wei, Bi-Ying-
-(1)製備殼核球型中孔洞奈米金屬@矽複合材料: Metal/PVP@MCM-41 (2)利用水熱法合成新型架構之錳氧化物陳隆京; Chen, Lung-Jing-
-(1)醣類六號位置之選擇性磷酸化反應 (2)以氯化物為媒介的葡萄醣胺立體選擇性醣鏈結反應之探討張峻瑋; Chang, Chun-Wei-