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-IAA 在土壤中萃取法與根瘤菌合成之研究宋樹群; SONG, SHU-GUN-
-(IAENG International Workshop on Imaging Engineering:502-506)An Efficient Method for Enhancing High-Contrast Digital Photos AutomaticallyJiunn-Lin Wu ; Chia-Yi Chuang-
-(IAPR Workshop on Machine Vision Applications,p131-p134)An Efficient Recognition and Data Extraction Method for Table-Form DocumentsL.Y. Tseng; R.C. Chen
-(the IASTED International Conference on advances in computer science and technology:180-185)A Novel Algorithm for Synthesizing Directional Temporal Texture AnimationChao-Hung Lai; Jiunn-Lin Wu -
-(IASTED International Conference on Circuits,Signals and Systems (CSS'07):064-069)Scalable Packet Classification for Network Intrusion DetectionPi-Chung Wang -
-(IASTED International Conference on Circuits,Signals and Systems (CSS'07):131-135)An Efficient Algorithm of Huffman Decoder with Nearly Constant Decoding TimePi-Chung Wang ; Hung-Yi Chang; Chun-Liang Lee-
-(the IASTED International Conference on Modeling, Identification, and Control:234-238)Model Reduction via Haar WaveletsJiunn-Lin Wu ; Chin-Hsing Chen; Chih-Fan Chen-
-(IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications:516-522)A New Operational Approach for Solving Fractional Calculus and Fractional Differential Equations NumericallyJiunn-Lin Wu ; Chin-Hsing Chen-
-IBA對朵麗蝶蘭瓶苗生長的影響楊于萱; Yu-Hsuan Yang; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-IBSNAT玉米作物模式之構造及原理莊作權; 林正錺; 謝元德
-IbTLD調控活性氧化物的清除與DNA的保護來影響鹽逆境之耐受力周錫昀; Si-Yun Chou
-(ICCT:186)Characterization of thio compounds for two-step electroless deposition method in preparation of silver nanoparticles on germanium for SEIRA measurementsR. L. J. Chang; J. Yang-
-(ICCT:187)Seed-mediated sgrowth method for lectroless deposition of AgNPs on glass substrates for surface-enhanced Rman scattering (SERS) measurementsM. L. Cheng; J. Yang-
-(ICCT:189)Catalytic behcavior of metallic nanoparticles on germanium substrates studied by surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopyY. C. Liu; J. Yang; P.R. Griffiths-
-IcmF Family Protein TssM Exhibits ATPase Activity and Energizes Type VI SecretionMa, L.S.; Narberhaus, F.; Lai, E.M.-
-An IcmF Family Protein, ImpL(M), Is an Integral Inner Membrane Protein Interacting with ImpK(L), and Its Walker A Motif Is Required for Type VI Secretion System-Mediated Hcp Secretion in Agrobacterium tumefaciensMa, L.S.; Lin, J.S.; Lai, E.M.-
-(ICSU Short Report., 06: 504-505)Kinetics of lipase in the absence of emulsifierWang, Y. G.; J. Y. Sheu; F. F. Wang,; J. F. Shaw-
-(ICUS Short Report., 06: 498-499)Enhanced stability of papain by multiple point attachment on chitosanChang, R. G.; J. F. Shaw-
-IC封測廠切割研磨廢水回收可行性之探討 -以UF膜處理技術為例Shih-Feng Tseng; 曾世豐