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-Knockdown of PsbO leads to induction of HydA and production of photobiological H2 in the green alga Chlorella sp. DT
-Knowledge and Power: A Comparison between Althusser''s and Foucault''s Theories of Knowledge林依蓉; Lin, Yi-jung-
-(Knowledge Bridge, 60(6):001-002)Parallel Multiple Tuned Mass DampersC. C. Lin; J. F. Wang
-(Knowledge Bridge,41:002-003)a-Si/a-SiGe NI1PI2N structure and its used for infrared-light position detectorYeu Long Jiang-
-The Knowledge Dissemination of Forest Management and Forest Sustainable Management in TaiwanWang, Pei-jung; 王培蓉-
-Knowledge flows and innovation capability: The patenting trajectory of Taiwan's thin film transistor-liquid crystal display industryHu, M.C.-
-Knowledge Management for Computational Problem SolvingD.T.Lee; G.C.Lee; Y.W.Huang-
-The knowledge rules of debris flow event: A case study for investigation Chen Yu Lan river, TaiwanWan, S.; Lei, T.C.; Huang, P.C.; Chou, T.Y.-
-The knowledge service of incubation center Infrastructure Construction Project蔡毓楨-
-Knowledge sharing: game and reasoned action perspectivesHo, C.T.B.; 何建達; Hsu, S.F.; Oh, K.B.-
-Knowledge sourcing and firm performance in an industrializing economy: the case of Taiwan (1992-2003)Chang, C.L.; Robin, S.-
-(Knowledge-Based Systems, 21:826-832)Competition Policy for Technological Innovation in An Era of Knowledge-based EconomyHsu, G. J. Y.; Y. H. Lin; Z. Y. Wei
-KOH Etching for Tuning Diameter of Si Nanowire Arrays and Their Field Emission CharacteristicsHsu, H.-F.; Wang, J.-Y.; Wu, Y.-H.-
-Kopernio 期刊全文一指通懶人包蕭麗瓊
-Kordia aquimaris sp. nov., a zeaxanthin-producing member of the family Flavobacteriaceae isolated from surface seawater, and emended description of the genus Kordia-
-Korea's Maritime Security: South China Sea and Northern Limit LineJaeho Hwang; 黃載皓
-(Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 25(3):419-422)Adiabatic Runaway Studies for Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide with Inorganic Acids by vent sizing package 2Jiann-Rong Chen; Jo-Ming Tseng; Yan-Fu Lin; Shu-Yu S. Wang; Chi-Min Shu
-KPC-2-encoding plasmids from Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae in TaiwanChen, Ying-Tsong; Lin, Jung-Chung; Fung, Chang-Phone; Lu, Po-Liang; Chuang, Yin-Ching; Wu, Tsu-Lan; Siu, L Kristopher-
-KQML在行動性及管理上之增強林敬育  ; Lin, Ching-Yu  -
-Kr�ppel-like factor 4 is involved in cell scattering induced by hepatocyte growth factorLai, Jun-Kai; Wu, Han-Chung; Shen, Yuh-Chiang; Hsieh, Hsin-Ying; Yang, Shu-Yi; Chang, Chia-Che-