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-Luteimonas aquatica sp nov., isolated from fresh water from Southern TaiwanChou, J.H.; 楊秋忠; Cho, N.T.; Arun, A.B.; Young, C.C.; Chen, W.M.-
-Luteimonas composti sp nov, a moderately thermophilic bacterium isolated from food wasteYoung, C.C.; 楊秋忠; Kampfer, P.; Chen, W.M.; Yen, W.S.; Arun, A.B.; Lai, W.A.; Shen, F.T.; Rekha, P.D.; Lin, K.Y.; Chou, J.H.; 沈佛亭-
-Luteolin inhibits cytokine expression in endotoxin/cytokine-stimulated microgliaKao, T.K.; Ou, Y.C.; Lin, S.Y.; Pan, H.C.; Song, P.J.; Raung, S.L.; Lai, C.Y.; Liao, S.L.; Lu, H.C.; Chen, C.J.-
-Luteolin Suppresses Inflammatory Mediator Expression by Blocking the Akt/NF kappa B Pathway in Acute Lung Injury Induced by Lipopolysaccharide in MiceLi, Y.C.; Yeh, C.H.; Yang, M.L.; Kuan, Y.H.-
-LuxR[T] 與 cAMP-CRP 調控 Photobacterium leiognathi lux operon 轉錄表現之探討羅怡婷; Luo, Yi-Ting-
-Lycopene enhances UVA-induced DNA damage and expression of heme oxygenase-1 in cultured mouse embryo fibroblastsYeh, S.L.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.; Huang, C.S.-
-Lycopene inhibits angiogenesis both in vitro and in vivo by inhibiting MMP-2/uPA system through VEGFR2-mediated PI3K-Akt and ERK/p38 signaling pathwaysChen, Man-Ling; Lin, Yu-Hsiu; Yang, Chih-Min; Hu, Miao-Lin-
-Lycopene inhibits cell migration and invasion and upregulates Nm23-H1 in a highly invasive hepatocarcinoma, SK-Hep-1 cellsHuang, C.S.; 胡淼琳; Shih, M.K.; Chuang, C.H.; Hu, M.L.-
-Lycopene inhibits DNA damage and reduces hMTH1 mRNA expression in the liver of Mongolian gerbils treated with ferric nitrilotriacetateHuang, C.S.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.-
-Lycopene inhibits experimental metastasis of human hepatoma SK-Hep-1 cells in athymic nude miceHuang, C.S.; 胡淼琳; Liao, J.W.; Hu, M.L.; 廖俊旺-
-Lycopene inhibits matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression and down-regulates the binding activity of nuclear factor-kappa B and stimulatory protein-1Huang, C.S.; 胡淼琳; Fan, Y.E.; Lin, C.Y.; Hu, M.L.-
-Lycopene inhibits the proliferation of androgen-dependent human prostate LNCaP tumor cells through activation of PPARγ and LXRα signaling pathwayLu, Yi-Hsuan; 盧怡璇-
-Lycopene inhibits the proliferation of androgen-dependent human prostate tumor cells through activation of PPAR gamma-LXR alpha-ABCA1 pathwayYang, C.M.; Lu, I.H.; Chen, H.Y.; Hu, M.L.-
-Lycopene-induced growth inhibition of androgen-independent human prostate cancer cells in vitro via PPARγ-LXRα-ABCA1 pathwayLu, Ya-Ling; 呂雅苓-
-Lysine racemase: a novel non-antibiotic selectable marker for plant transformationChen, I.C.; 許文輝; Thiruvengadam, V.; Lin, W.D.; Chang, H.H.; Hsu, W.H.-
-Lysobacter defluvii sp nov., isolated from municipal solid wasteYassin, A.F.; 楊秋忠; Chen, W.M.; Hupfer, H.; Siering, C.; Kroppenstedt, R.M.; Arun, A.B.; Lai, W.A.; Shen, F.T.; Rekha, R.D.; Young, C.C.; 沈佛亭-
-Lysobacter enzymogenes中的新型c-di-GMP受體蛋白YajQ與其交互作用蛋白LysR的功能與結構分析陳采綸; Tsai-Lun Chen
-Lysobacter lycopersici sp. nov., isolated from tomato plant Solanum lycopersicumLin, Shih-Yao; Hameed, Asif; Wen, Cheng-Zhe; Liu, You-Cheng; Hsu, Yi-Han; Lai, Wei-An; Young, Chiu-Chung-
-Lytic infection of pseudorabies virus in the presence of spermine, spermidine, or DFMOWang, H.C.; Wong, M.L.-
-Lytic Myophage Abp53 Encodes Several Proteins Similar to Those Encoded by Host Acinetobacter baumannii and Phage phiKO2Lee, Chia-Ni; Tseng, Tsai-Tien; Lin, Juey-Wen; Fu, Yung-Chieh; Weng, Shu-Fen; Tseng, Yi-Hsiung-