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-M/M/R 機器修理問題含有冷備機器及多種故障模式之經濟分析李慧貞; Lee, Hui-Chrn-
-M/M/R/N 排隊含阻礙及相異服務者之參數最大概似估計與信賴區間陳筱琦; chen, sheau chyi-
-M/M/R排隊系統含有限容量及多種到達形式之成本分析陳慶豪; Chen, Ching-Hau-
-M/M/R暖備用機器修理問題包含服務者部分故障及延遲修理之成本分析古惠慈; Ku, Hui-Tzu-
-M/M/R機器修理問題含有備用機器及兩種故障模式之經濟分析吳俊達; Wu, Zun-Da-
-M/M/R機器修理問題含有冷備機器及多種故障模式之經濟分析李慧貞; Li, Hui-Zhen-
-M/M/R機器修理問題含有第二選擇修理之成本分析廖春雯; Liao, Chun-Wen-
-M/M/R機器修理問題多個服務站含有故障模式之成本分析許麗雲; Xu, Li-Yun-
-The M/V Amorgos Oil Spill Incident: Taiwan&apos;s Compensation Claims for Ecosystem Damage and Economic LossYann-huei Song-
-M/W的悲劇--東野圭吾《單戀》解說陳國偉; Kuo-wei Chen
-Machine and Murder: The Seduction of Thomas Harris's Red Dragon蔡奉杉
-The Machine for Three Dimensional Twisting ExerciseC. H. Chiu-
-The Machine for Training Muscular StrengthC. H. Chiu-
-'Machine Vision' Applied for Detecting the Debris FlowChing-Fang Lee; 李璟芳; Jung-Tang Huang; Shou-Young Chang; 黃榮堂; 張守陽
-(Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 201(18):2820-2825)Polymorphism of nylon 6/clay nanocompositesT.-M. Wu; C.-S. Liao
-(Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 291(4):395-404 )Novel Side-Chain Dendritic Polyurethanes Based on Hydrogen Bonding Rich Polyurea/Malonamide DendronsC. P. Chen; C.-C. Lin; C.-C. Chang; S. A. Dai; T. M. Wu; W. C Su; H.-L. Chang; R. J. Jeng-
-(Macromolecular Rapid Communcation, 29(7):587-592 )Optical Non-Linearity from Montmorillonite Intercalated with a Chromophore-Containing Dendritic Structure:A Self-Assembly ApproachY.-C. Chen; T.-Y. Juang; S. A. Dai; T.-M. Wu; J.-J. Lin; R.-J. Jeng
-(Macromolecules, 37(20):7719-7723 )Solvent-induced crystallization in poly(ethylene terephthalate) during mass transport: Mechanism and Boundary conditionH. Ouyang; W.H. Lee; W. Ouyang; S. T. Shiue; T.M. Wu