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-Observation and Derivation of Land Surface Parameterization over Taiwan and Model Implementaion (III)莊秉潔-
-Observation and measurement of the bottom boundary layer flow in the prebreaking zone of shoaling wavesLin, C.; 林 呈; Hwung, H.H.-
-Observation and Simulation of Meteorology and Surface Energy Components over the South China Sea in Summers of 2004 and 2006Lan, Y.Y.; Tsuang, B.J.; Tu, C.Y.; Wu, T.Y.; Chen, Y.L.; Hsieh, C.I.-
-Observation of SO2 dry deposition velocity at a high elevation flux tower over an evergreen broadleaf forest in Central TaiwanTsai, J.L.; Chen, C.L.; Tsuang, B.J.; Kuo, P.H.; Tseng, K.H.; Hsu, T.F.; Sheu, B.H.; Liu, C.P.; Hsueh, M.T.-
-Observation of type-I and type-II excitons in strained Si/SiGe quantum-well structuresWang, K.Y.; Huang, W.P.; Cheng, H.H.; Sun, G.; Soref, R.A.; Nicholas, R.J.; Suen, Y.W.-
-Observation on Comparison of Run-off from Bench Terraces and Hillside DitchesR.S. Lin; 廖綿濬; H.M. Chang; M.C. Liao; 林榮三; 張賢明-
-A Observation on Syconia Development and Reproductive Cycle of Ficus pumila L. var. pumila何坤益; 呂福原; 歐辰雄; Kuen-Yih Ho; Wen-Jau Lu; Chem-Hiung Ou
-Observations of hysteresis in flow around two square cylinders in a tandem arrangementLiu, C.H.; 陳志敏; Chen, J.M.-
-Observations of ozone and carbon monoxide at Mei-Feng mountain site (2269 m a.s.l.) in Central Taiwan: Seasonal variations and influence of Asian continental outflowLin, Y.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Lin, P.H.; Engling, G.; Lan, Y.Y.; Kuo, T.H.; Hsu, W.T.; Ting, C.C.-
-Observations on flow and local scour around submerged flexible vegetationChen, Su-Chin; Chan, Hsun-Chuan; Li, Yu-Hsiu-
-Observations on reaction pathways of dicobalt octacarbonyl with alkynyl aminesHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Huang, Y.L.; Chen, H.L.-
-Observations on Soil and Water Conservation Methods on Slopeland Taiwan-Giant-Bamboo PlantationH.T. Wang; 王孝才; H.M. Chang; 張賢明-
-Observe Enterprise's Process of Product Development from SSME perspective-A Case Study施全富; Shih, Chuan-Fu-
-Obstructive Jaundice Activates Nitroxidergic Neurons of the Vago-Vagal Neural Circuit That Regulates the Hepatobiliary System in RabbitsHu, M.E.; Lin, Y.C.; Chang, H.M.; Tyan, Y.S.; Lan, C.T.-
-OBS網路中最佳化多路徑路由蔡承峰; Tsai, Cheng-Feng-
-Obtaining multiple resistance to tospovirus infection in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.)Gubba A.; Jan Fuh-Jyh; Gonsalves C.; Stevens M. R.; Tricoli D.M.; Gonsalves D.-
-Obtaining the isosteric sorption heat directly by sorption isotherm equationsChen, C.C.-
-Occupancy of the 3d electron shell of Co and Cr in nanosized CoCrPt magnetic thin filmsHao, O.Y.; Kwan, J.T.-
-Occurrence and detection of phytoplasma infection in papaya in TaiwanBau, H.; Chen, Y.; Kung, Y.; Yeh, S.; Hsu, H.-
-Occurrence and molecular characterization of Squash leaf curl Philippines begomovirus in TaiwanTsai W. S.; Shih S. L.; Lee, M.; Jan Fuh-Jyh; Green S. K.-