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-The p17 Nonstructural Protein of Avian Reovirus TriggersAutophagy Enhancing Virus Replication via Activation ofPhosphatase and Tensin Deleted on Chromosome 10 (PTEN)and AMP-activated Protein Kinase (AMPK), as well asdsRNA-dependent Protein Kinase (PKR)/eIF2 SignalingPathways-
-P20/GFP融合蛋白對竹嵌紋病毒衛星核酸在細胞間移動的影響劉光仰; Liu, Kuang-Yang-
-A P2P Packet Detecting System for an Internet Broadband Router蔡智強-
-P2P檔案搜尋及安全性應用之研究邱敬智; Chiu, Chin-Chih-
-P2P網路之可追蹤與公平交易的數位權管理機制林奕如; Lin, Yi-Ju-
-P2P網路通訊及加密協定分析董祥群; Dong, Shun-Chin-
-p35/Cdk5在cadherins/Beta-catenin調控之攝護腺癌細胞黏附接合所扮演的角色陳疇丞; Chen, Chor-Chen-
-The p38 and NFκB signaling protein activation involved in glycitein protective effects on isoproterenol-treated H9c2 cardiomyoblast cells-
-p53 Dysfunction by Xeroderma Pigmentosum Group C Defects Enhance Lung Adenocarcinoma Metastasis via Increased Mmp1 ExpressionWu, Y.H.; 廖俊旺; Wu, T.C.; Liao, J.W.; Yeh, K.T.; Chen, C.Y.; Lee, H.-
-p53 modulates the AMPK inhibitor compound C induced apoptosis in human skin cancer cells-
-p53對b-zip蛋白之DNA結合能力影響的探討嚴正其; Yen, Jen-Chi-
-<p><strong>A new species of <em>Tiwaripotamon</em> Bott, 1970, from northern Vietnam, with notes on <em>T. vietnamicum</em> (Dang & Ho, 2002) and T. edostilus Ng & Yeo, 2001 (Crustacea, Brachyura, Potamidae)</strong></p>SHIH, HSI-TE; DO, VAN TU-
-<p><strong>Description of a new montane freshwater crab (Crustacea: Potamidae: <em>Geothelphusa</em>) from northern Taiwan</strong></p>SHY, JHY-YUN; SHIH, HSI-TE; MAO, JEAN-JAY-
-PAAc/PNIPAAm/mPEG接枝高分子與PAAc於低pH水溶液之交互作用與微胞結構探討陳沂瑋; Chen, Yi-Wei-
-(Pacific and Asian Journal of Energy, 02(1):007-015)An Economic Analysis of Power Development Alternatives in TaiwanHsu, G. J. Y.; T. Y. Chen-
-(Pacific and Asian Journal of Energy, 03(1):131-145)Reliability in Demand Options and Imputed Outage Costs: The Case of TaiwanHsu, G. J. Y.; P.L. Chang; T.Y. Chen-
-Packed coffee drink consumption and product attribute preferences of young adults in TaiwanHsu, J.L.; 魯 真; Hung, W.C.-
-Packet Classification with Hierarchical Cross-ProductingLee, C.L.; 王丕中 ; Chan, C.T.; Wang, P.C.-