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-A Radiate Microstructure MALDI Chip for Sample Concentration and DetectionChen, S.Y.; 賴建成; Li, K.I.; Yu, C.S.; Wang, J.S.; Hu, Y.C.; Lai, C.C.-
-Radiation inactivation analysis of thylakoid protein kinase systems in light and in darknessLee, S.C.; Chien, L.F.; Van, R.C.; Hsiao, Y.Y.; Hong, J.L.; Pan, R.L.-
-The Radiative Decay of Doubly Excited States of Helium陳明克-
-Radiative decay of helium doubly excited statesLiu, C.N.; Chen, M.K.; Lin, C.D.-
-Radiophotoluminescent glass dosimetersysytemTsu-Yao Chen; 陳子堯
-The Radiosensitivity of Germinated Seeds of Broad Bean (Vicia Faba) to Gamma Radiation-Including Genetic and Physiological Effects李文權
-Radiosurgery for dural carotid-cavernous sinus fistulas: Gamma Knife compared with XKnife radiosurgeryPan, H.C.; 許美鈴; Sun, M.H.; Sheehan, J.; Sheu, M.L.; Chen, C.C.C.; Lee, H.T.; Chiu, W.T.; Yang, D.Y.-
-Railway development from the Japanese occupation period to the present - using Kaohsiung city as an exampleShu Chun Chang
-The Rain Gauge Planning for Debris Flow Monitoring Using Spatial Statistics and Weight Factor Method洪勝雄; 李心平; 葉惠中; 蘇意筑; 李威霖; Sheng-Hsiung Hung; Shin-Ping Lee; Hui-Chung Yeh; Yi-Chu Su
-Rainfall Changes in Taiwan賴栗葦; Li-Va Lay; 姜善鑫; Shan-Hsin Chiang-
-Rainfall Characteristics and Its Relationship with Soil Erosivity in Taipei盧昭堯; 盧光輝; 陳臺芳-
-Rainfall Characteristics and Its Relationship with Soil Erosivity in Taipei (II)盧昭堯; 盧光輝; 陳臺芳-
-Rainfall Characteristics and Its Relationship with Soil Erosivity in Taipei (III)盧昭堯; 盧光輝; 陳臺芳-
-The rainfall Characteristics of the Zhoushui River Basin During Typhoon SeasonsLieh-Tung Pai; Wang, Ching-Feng; Chen, Chin-Hsing; Syu, Ruei-Hong; Huang, Huang-Jia; 白烈燑; 王慶豐; 陳進興; 徐瑞宏; 黃皇嘉
-Rainfall duration and debris-flow initiated studies for real-time monitoringChen, C.Y.; 游繁結; Chen, T.C.; Yu, F.C.; Yu, W.H.; Tseng, C.C.-
-Rainfall monitoring and seepage induced slope stability analyses of You-Ye-Lin Landslide洪祖健; Tzu-Jian Hung
-Rainfall Network Evaluation and Augmentation Using Geostatistics- An Example in Taipei CityTsung-Hsun Lien; Cheng-Chia Lien; Yii-Chen Wu; Ke-Sheng Cheng; Tsung-Yi Pan; Li-Yuan Huang; Cheng-Li Li; Yen-Hua Pan; 連琮勛; 連政佳; 吳宜珍; 鄭克聲; 潘宗毅; 黃立遠; 李正利; 潘彥華
-Rainfall Seepage-induced Stability Analyses of Unsaturated Slopes with Tie-back Retaining PilesDer-Guey Lin; Sheng-Hsien Wang; Jui-Ching Chou; Sheng-Fu Sheu; 林德貴; 王勝賢; 鄒瑞卿; 許聖富
-A Rainfall Station Network Design for Cho-Shui-Chi Basin梁昇; 江永哲; Lewis Sheng Liang; Yuang-cheh Chiang
-A Rainfall-based Warning Model for Predicting Landslides Using QPESUMS Rainfall DataChen-Yu Chen; Wei-Ze Liou; Chia-Hsiang Hsu; 陳振宇; 劉維則; 許家祥