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-S. choleraesuis與S. typhimurium在巨噬細胞內存活能力及誘導細胞計 畫性死亡之比較廖志明; Laiw, Jyh-ming-
-S. choleraesuis與S. typhimurium於豬血液吞噬細胞內存活能力之比較黃振鋒; Feng, Huang Chen-
-S100A8 is identified as a biomarker of HPV18-infected oral squamous cell carcinomas by suppression subtraction hybridization, clinical proteomics analysis, and immunohistochemistry stainingLo, W.Y.; 賴建成; Lai, C.C.; Hua, C.H.; Tsai, M.H.; Huang, S.Y.; Tsai, C.H.; Tsai, F.J.-
-S50C中碳鋼精銑削刀具壽命之研究楊忠祥; Yang, Zhong-Xiang
-Sacrificial Mg film anode for cathodic protection of die cast Mg-9 wt.%Al-l wt.%Zn alloy in NaCl aqueous solutionYu, B.L.; 汪俊延; Uan, J.Y.-
-The Saddle-Point Complex Rotation Method with Hylleraas Wave Functions陳明克-
-Saddle-shaped six-coordinate iron(III) porphyrin complex with unusual intermediate-spin electronic structureCheng, R.J.; 陳如珍; Chao, C.W.; Han, Y.P.; Chen, Y.C.; Ting, C.H.-
-Saddlepoint Approximations for a Product and Its ApplicationLu, T.F.C.; 盧昭堯; Chen, J.L.; Lu, J.Y.-
-SAE2在肺腺癌中之生物角色郭庭瑋; Kuo, Ting-Wei-
-Safety and Efficacy of First-Line Bevacizumab with Chemotherapy in Asian Patients with Advanced Nonsquamous NSCLC Results from the Phase IV MO19390 (SAiL) StudyTsai, C.M.; Au, J.S.K.; Chang, G.C.; Cheng, A.C.K.; Zhou, C.C.; Wu, Y.L.-
-Safety and immunomodulation evaluations on Chinese herbal novel formulas吳安茹; Wu, Ann-Ru-
-Safety Assessment of Musk Substitute from Nutria of Myocastor Coypus in MiceCheng, Y.W.; Lou, H.Y.; Lee, S.S.; Liao, J.W.; Cheng, H.W.; Li, C.H.; Liao, P.L.; Kang, J.J.-
-Safety Assessment of Rural Settlement-A Case Study of Aboriginal Tribes in Taichung Heping District林朝陽; Chao-Yang Lin
-Safety Evaluation of Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Containment Vessels due to Prestress Loss林宜清-
-Safety evaluation of water extracts of Toona sinensis Roemor leafLiao, J.W.; 廖俊旺; Chung, Y.C.; Yeh, J.Y.; Lin, Y.C.; Lin, Y.G.; Wu, S.M.; Chan, Y.C.-
-Safety Implication of Truck Tachnograph Market in TaiwanMing-Chih Tsai; Peter Hsu; Yi Lung Wang-
-Safrole Induces Apoptosis in Human Oral Cancer HSC-3 CellsYu, F.S.; Yang, J.S.; Yu, C.S.; Lu, C.C.; Chiang, J.H.; Lin, C.W.; Chung, J.G.-
-Salbutamol Residues in Swine Tissues and Body Fluids after FeedingHung, M.J.; Huang, H.H.; Chen, C.L.; Wu, Y.J.; Dixon, K.M.; Mao, C.L.-
-Sale model and market of dietary supplements in the multilevel marketing industry in TaiwanShang-Ying Wei; 魏上穎