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-Using Vector Analysis to Assess the Nutrient Status of Lumnitzera racemosa Seedlings under Different Salinities范貴珠; 許博行
-Using Wetted Perimeter-Discharge Method in Estimating River Instream FlowWang, Hsin-Kai; 王信凱-
-Using+Dramaturgy+Model+to+Determine+the+Factors+that+Affect+Customers+Purchasing+Chicken+Products+at+Hypermarkets+and+to+Formulate+Marketing+StrategiesLee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen); 李宗儒(濬紳); Chen, Yu-Wen; Lee, Yi-Chain; Yu, Teng-Chih; 陳郁雯; 李宜謙; 游騰至
-(Utility Policy, 03:255-260)Priority Service and Outage Costs in the Power Sector: The Taiwan ExperienceHsu, G. J. Y.; P. L. Chang; T. Y. Chen-
-Utilization of calcium salts to reduce pectinolytic softening of mustard picklesHe, Bang-Si; 何邦賜-
-Utilization of cooking juice of young tuna processed into canned tuna as condiments: Effect of enzymatic hydrolysis and membrane treatmentJao, C.L.; Ko, W.C.-
-Utilization of Luchu Pine Wood Damaged by Nematode陳載永; 黃速汝; 孫永坤; Tsai-Yung Chen; Suh-Ruu Hwang; Shui-Kun Shun
-Utilization of lysien racemase gene as a selection marker for gene cloning陳怡潔; Chen, Chien-I-
-Utilization of the cyanobacteria Anabaena sp CH1 in biological carbon dioxide mitigation processesChiang, C.L.; Lee, C.M.; Chen, P.C.-
-Utilization of the sweet potato raw starch by recombinant raw starch digesting amylase for producing bioethanolShih, Hsing-Jung; 施幸蓉-
-Utilizing Marketing Communication Strategies and Integrating the Concept of Environmental Protection and Cultural of Forest Products to Promoting Regional Tourism Development (II)蕭仁傑-
-A UV-Erasable Stacked Diode-Switch Organic Nonvolatile Bistable Memory on Plastic SubstratesLin, H.T.; 裴靜偉; Pei, Z.W.; Chen, J.R.; Chan, Y.J.-
-UV/TiO2程序中氫氧自由基之生成研究吳致誠; Wu, Chih Cheng-
-UVA-induced oxidative damage to rat liver nuclei: reduction of iron ions and the relationship between lipid peroxidation and DNA damageShih, M.K.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.-
-UV活化過硫酸鹽氧化酚之可行性探討陳俊華; Chen, Chun-Hua-
-UV活化過硫酸鹽降解氫氧化四甲基銨之可行性探討及毒性評估王麒維; Wang, Chi-Wei-
-UV硬化丙烯酸酯與蒙脫土奈米複合材料之製備與物性分析劉威毅; Liu, Wei-Yi-
-UV硬化含氟丙烯酸酯高分子與黏土之複材製備與物性分析杜偉銘; Du, Wei-Ming-
-UV硬化含氟丙烯酸酯高分子與黏土之複材製備與物性分析杜偉銘; Du, Wei-Ming-