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-Water bamboo husk-reinforced poly(butylene succinate) biodegradable compositesShih, Y.F.; 鄭如忠; Lee, W.C.; Jeng, R.J.; Huang, C.M.-
-Water barrier and physical properties of starch/decolorized hsian-tsao leaf gum films: Impact of surfactant laminationChen, C.H.; 賴麗旭; Kuo, W.S.; Lai, L.S.-
-Water bath temperature control by a recurrent fuzzy controller and its FPGA implementationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chen, J.S.-
-The Water Chemistry of Precipitation and Streamwater at Guandaushi Forest Watershed劉瓊霦; 許博行; Cheng-Pin Liu; Bor-Hung Sheu
-Water conservation hotspots selection at the Dadu Plateau by using index of land cover changesChia-Ching Cho; Mon-Ling Chiang; Chao-Yuan Lin; 卓佳慶; 江孟玲; 林昭遠
-Water effect on the surface morphology of TiO2 thin film modified bypolyethylene glycol-
-A water isotope approach to assessing moisture recycling in the island-based precipitation of Taiwan: A case study in the western PacificPeng, Tsung-Ren; Liu, Kon-Kee; Wang, Chung-Ho; Chuang, Kai-Hsun-
-Water Lock 保水劑對三種蔬菜穴盤苗生育之研究辜瑞雪; Ko, Swee-Suak-
-Water mobility, rheological and textural properties of rice starch gelLu, S.; Chen, J.J.; Chen, Y.K.; Li, C.Y.; Lai, P.; Chen, H.H.-
-Water Oxidation Catalyzed by a Trinuclear Manganese Complex陳泓諭; Hung-Yu Chen
-Water quality modeling for the Feitsui Reservoir in northern TaiwanKuo, J.T.; 楊明德; Liu, W.C.; Lin, R.T.; Lung, W.S.; Yang, M.D.; Yang, C.P.; Chu, S.C.-
-Water repellency of Casuarina windbreaks (Casuarina equisetifolia Forst.) caused by fungi in central TaiwanLin, C.Y.; 林昭遠; Chou, W.C.; Tsai, J.S.; Lin, W.T.-
-(Water Research,41(7):1491-1500)Removal of anionic reactive dyes from water using anion exchange membranes as adsorbersC. H. Liu; J. S. Wu; H. C. Chiu; S. Y. Suen; K. H. Chu-
-(Water Resources Research, 30(6):1897-1906)Genetic Algorithm Solution of Groundwater Management ModelsD.C.McKinney; M-D. Lin
-(Water Resources Research, 31(3):731-740)Approximate Mixed-integer Nonlinear Programming Methods for Optimal Aquifer Remediation DesignD.C.McKinney; M-D. Lin
-Water Salinity Changes of the Gauging Stations along the Amu Darya RiverBehzod Gaybullaev; Su-Chin Chen
-(Water Science & Technology,46(11-12):253-256)Bio-affecting mercury detection using mercury resistance gene module fused with bioluminescence reporter genesT. Yamagata; M. Ishii; M. Narita; G.-C. Huang; G. Endo
-(Water Science & Technology,52(1-2):123-129)Influences of pH and hydraulic retention time on anaerobes converting beer processing wastes into hydrogenJ. J. Lay; C.J. Tsai; C. C. Huang; J. J. Chang; C. H. Chau; K. S. Fang; J. I. Chang; P. C. Hsu
-(Water Science and Technology,42(3-4):109-114)Identification and characterization of anaerobic mercury-resistant bacteria isolated from mercury-polluted sedimentM. Narita; C. C. Huang; T. Koizumi; T. Ymagata; G. Endo
-Water surface tension of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) tethered silicate platesLin, H.C.; Hsieh, B.Z.; Su, Y.A.; Chen, Y.M.; Lin, J.J.-