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-Zinc Complexes Containing Pyrazolyl-phenolate Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization and Application in Ring-Opening Polymerization of L-Lactide黃勃喻; Huang, Bo-Yu-
-Zinc Ion Enhances GABA Tea-Mediated Oxidative DNA DamageChuang, S.M.; Wang, H.F.; Hsiao, C.C.; Cherng, S.H.-
-A Zinc Oxide Nanorod Ammonia Microsensor Integrated with a Readout Circuit on-a-ChipYang, Ming-Zhi; Dai, Ching-Liang; Wu, Chyan-Chyi
-Zinc Porphyrin–Ethynylaniline Conjugates as Novel Hole-Transporting Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells with Power Conversion Efficiency of 16.6%Hsien-Hsin Chou; Yu-Hsien Chiang; Ming-Hsien Li; Po-Shen Shen; Hsiang-Jung Wei; Chi-Lun Mai; Peter Chen; Chen-Yu Yeh; 周憲辛
-ZINC TOLERANCE INDUCED BY IRON 1 reveals the importance of glutathione in the cross-homeostasis between zinc and iron in Arabidopsis thalianaShanmugam, V.; Tsednee, M.; Yeh, K.C.-
-ZINCTOLERANCE INDUCEDBYIRON 1 reveals the importance of glutathione in the cross-homeostasis between zinc and iron in Arabidopsis thalianaShanmugam, Varanavasiappan; Tsednee, Munkhtsetseg; Yeh, Kuo-Chen-
-Zirconium-based metal organic frameworks: Highly selective adsorbents for removal of phosphate from water and urineKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Shen-Yi Chen; Andrew P. Jochems-
-ZnO nanoparticle-modified infrared internal reflection elements for selective detection of volatile organic compoundsHuang, G.G.; Wang, C.T.; Tang, H.T.; Huang, Y.S.; Yang, J.-
-ZnO Nanorod-Based Ultraviolet Photodetector Prepared on Patterned Sapphire Substrates汪芳興; Fang-Hsing Wang; Chih-En Tsai
-ZnO Nanowires Embedded in Epoxy Resin Separating from the Substrate for Wearable Electronics ApplicationsLin, Hung-I; Horng, Ray-Hua; Shen, Kun-Ching; Wuu, Dong-Sing-
-ZnO nanowires supported agar gel in formation of active substrate for surface-enhanced Raman scattering measurements陳麗雯; Li–Wen Chen
-ZnO-Nanorod Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: New Structure without a Transparent Conducting Oxide LayerLai, M.H.; 王國禎; Tubtimtae, A.; Lee, M.W.; Wang, G.J.; 李明威-
-ZnO:Al nanostructures synthesized on pre-deposited aluminum (Al)/Si template: Formation, photoluminescence and electron field emissionFang, C.W.; Wu, J.M.; Lee, L.T.; Hsien, Y.H.; Lo, S.C.; Chen, C.H.-
-Zoledronic acid induces cell-cycle prolongation in murine lung cancer cells by perturbing cyclin and Ras expressionLi, Y.Y.; Chang, J.W.C.; Liu, Y.C.; Wang, C.H.; Chang, H.J.; Tsai, M.C.; Su, S.P.; Yeh, K.Y.-
-(Zool.Sci.,20:029-036)Ambient salinity modulates the expression of sodium pumps in branchial mitochondria-rich cells of Mozambique tilapia,Oreochromis mossambicusT.H.Lee; S.H.Feng; C.H.Lin; Y.H.Hwang; C.L.Huang; P.P.Hwang-
-(Zool.Sci.,22:653-658)A skeletochronological study on a subtropical,riparian ranid (Rana swinhoana) from different elevations in TaiwanY.C.Lai; T.H.Lee; Y.C.Kam-
-(Zool.Sci.,25:068-079)Phylogeography of Sylvirana latouchii (Anura,Ranidae) in TaiwanN.H.Jang Liaw; T.H.Lee; W.H.Chou-
-(Zool.Sci.,25:205-211)Phenotypic changes in mitochondrion-rich cells and responses of Na+/ K+-ATPase in gills of tilapia exposed to deionized waterC.H.Tang; I.C.Chang; C.H.Chen; T.H.Lee; P.P.Hwang-
-(Zool.Stud.,42(1):186-192)Na,K,2Cl-cotransporter:a novel marker for identifying freshwater-and seawater-type mitochondria-rich cells in gills of euryhaline tilapia,Oreochromis mossambicusY.C.Wu; L.Y.Lin; T.H.Lee-
-(Zool.Stud.,43(4):772-777)Ionocyte distribution in gills of the euryhaline milkfish,Chanos chanosC.N.Chen; L.Y.Lin; T.H.Lee-