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-A discussion on disease severity index values. Part I: warning on inherent errors and suggestions to maximise accuracyK.S. Chiang; H.I. Liu; C.H. Bock-
-A discussion on disease severity index values. Part II: using the disease severity index for null hypothesis testingK.S. Chiang; H.I. Liu; J.W. Tsai; J.R. Tsai; C.H. Bock; 蔣國司-
-A disposable non-enzymatic histamine sensor based on the nafion-coated copper phosphate electrodes for estimation of fish freshnessMing-Yuan Lee; Ching-Chou Wu; Megawati Intan Sari; Yu-Han Hsieh
-A Dual Anticancer Efficacy Molecule: A Selective Dark Cytotoxicity PhotosensitizerChen, Jyun-Wei; Chang, Cheng-Chung; 張健忠
-A dual gene-silencing vector system for monocot and dicot plantsLiou, Ming-Ru; Huang, Ying-Wen; Hu, Chung-Chi; Lin, Na-Sheng; Hsu, Yau-Heiu-
-A dynamic equilibrium method for the SnO2-based ozone sensors using UV-LED continuous irradiationJeng, Chien-Chung; Chong, Paul J.H.; Chiu, Cheng-Chung; Jiang, Guo-Jhen; Lin, Hung-Ju; Wu, Ren-Jang; Wu, Chiu-Hsien-
-A facile Pt catalyst regeneration process significantly improves the catalytic activity of Pt-organic composites for the O2 reduction reactionHuang, Jing-Fang; Chen, Wen-Yu-
-A facile synthesis of enantiopure 7-benzyloxycarbonyl-7-azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-2-carboxylic acidChiou, Wen-Hua; Chiang, Yu-Min; Chen, Guei-Tang-
-A fair reputation system for use in online auctionsIuon-Chang Lin; Hao-Ju Wu; Shu-Fen Li; Chen-Yang Cheng
-A fast classification strategy for SVM on the large-scale high-dimensional datasetsChih-Hung Yeh; I-Jing Li; Jiunn-Lin Wu -
-A Fast-Locking All-Digital Phase-Locked Loop With Dynamic Loop Bandwidth AdjustmentJung-Mao Lin; Ching-Yuan Yang
-A feasible scalable porphyrin dye for dye-sensitized solar cells under one sun and dim light environmentsYu-Chieh Liu; Hsien-Hsin Chou; Feng-Yi Ho; Hsiang-Jung Wei; Tzu-Chien Wei; Chen-Yu Yeh; 周憲辛
-A Flexible FOV Capsule Endoscope Design Based on Compound LensYung-Chieh Tseng; Pin Han; Hsun-Ching Hsu; 蔡政穆; Cheng-Mu Tsai
-A frequent itemset mining algorithm based on the Principle of Inclusion–Exclusion and transaction mappingLin, Ke-Chung; Liao, I-En; Chang, Tsui-Ping; Lin, Shu-Fan-
-A Fuzzy Model With Online Incremental SVM and Margin-Selective Gradient Descent Learning for Classification ProblemsCheng, Wei-Yuan; Juang, Chia-Feng-
-A gene signature for gold nanoparticle-exposed human cell linesRuei-Yue Liang; Hsin-Fang Tu; Xiaotong Tan; Yu-Shan Yeh; Pin Ju Chueh; Show-Mei Chuang-
-A general class of scale-shape mixtures of skew-normal distributions: properties and estimation林宗儀; Tsung-I Lin; Ahad Jamalizadeh
-A general framework for predicting delayed responses of ecological communities to habitat lossChen, Youhua; Shen, Tsung-Jen
-A general model for predicting the earthquake-induced displacements of shallow and deep slope failuresChi-Chin Tsai; Yu-Chun Chien; 蔡祁欽
-A general strategy to inhibiting viral -1 frameshifting based on upstream attenuation duplex formationHu, Hao-Teng; Cho, Che-Pei; Lin, Ya-Hui; Chang, Kung-Yao; 張功耀