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-The Early Gene hhi1 Reactivates Heliothis zea Nudivirus 1 in Latently Infected CellsWu, Y.L.; Wu, C.P.; Lee, S.T.; Tang, H.; Chang, C.H.; Chen, H.H.; Chao, Y.C.-
-(Early Human Development, 60:073-087)Fatty acid composition of the milk lipids of Fulani women and the serum phospholipids of their exclusively breast-fed infantsVanderJagt, D.J.; Arndt, C.D.; Okolo, S.N.; Y. S. Huang; Chuang, L.-T.; Glew, R.H.
-Early Improvements in insulin sensitivity and inflammatory markers are induced by pravastatin in nondiabetic subjects with hypercholesterolemiaLee, W.J.; Lee, W.L.; Tang, Y.J.; Liang, K.W.; Chien, Y.H.; Tsou, S.S.; Sheu, W.H.H.-
-Early onset pneumonia in patients with cholinesterase inhibitor poisoningWang, C.Y.; Wu, C.L.; Tsan, Y.T.; Hsu, J.Y.; Hung, D.Z.; Wang, C.H.-
-Early Patent Portfolios and Patent Deployment Strategic Analysis of Biomedical Innovative Technologies: A Study of Novel Stem Cells Technology黃琬珉; Huang, Wan-Min-
-Early salt stress effects on the changes in chemical composition in leaves of ice plant and Arabidopsis. A Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy studyYang, J.; 顏宏真; Yen, H.E.; 楊吉斯-
-Early selective angioembolization improves success of nonoperative management of blunt splenic injuryWu, S.C.; 周寬基; Chow, K.C.; Lee, K.H.; Tung, C.C.; Yang, A.D.; Lo, C.J.-
-The early stages of filamentous phage phi Lf infection require the host transcription factor, ClpLee, T.C.; 翁淑芬; Chen, S.T.; Lee, M.C.; Chang, C.M.; Chen, C.H.; Weng, S.F.; Tseng, Y.H.-
-Early-stage nucleation crystallography of sensitization-activated palladium catalysts and electrolessly deposited copper filmsSung, Y.C.; 張守一; Lai, C.H.; Lin, S.J.; Chang, S.Y.-
-Earnings Management of the Affiliated Business Groups:The Effect of Whether Being Audited by the Same CPA FirmRuey-Dang Chang; C.J. Fang; Y.C. Tseng-
-Earthquake damage to the strength of newly placed concreteSu, J.H.; Yen, T.; Hwu, C.H.-
-(Earthquake Spectra, 24(3):641-666)Dynamic Parameter Identification for Irregular Buildings Considering Soil-Structure Interaction EffectsC. C. Lin; J. F. Wang; C. H. Tsai
-Earthquake-induced landslide hazard and vegetation recovery assessment using remotely sensed data and a neural network-based classifier: a case study in central TaiwanLin, W.T.; 林昭遠; Chou, W.C.; Lin, C.Y.-
-Earthworm fauna of Eastern Taiwan, with descriptions of two new species (Oligochaeta: Megascolecidae)Wang, Y.H.; 施習德; Shih, H.T.-
-Ease of Communication with Supervisors and Auditors' Information Search Behavior:Evidence from TaiwanRuey-Dang Chang; Y.C. Tseng-
-Ease of Communication with Supervisors and Auditors'Information Search BehaviorYee-Chy Tseng; Ruey-Dang Chang-
-Easy preparation of a reticular nickel film deposited on a barrel-plating gold electrode with a high catalytic activity towards the oxidation of glucoseTai, C.Y.; 曾志明; Chang, J.L.; Zen, J.M.-
-Easy preparation of crosslinked polymer films from polyoxyalkylene diamine and poly(styrene-maleic anhydride) for electrostatic dissipationWei, K.L.; 吳震裕; Wu, J.Y.; Chen, Y.M.; Hsu, Y.C.; Lin, J.J.-
-An Easy Way to Get Forecasting Parameters in a Quick-Response Decision Support SystemTzong-Ru Lee; Jan-Mou Li; Jiun-Mung Liu; Tsai-Hua Kang-
-eBooks on Science Direct-Elsevier台灣愛思唯爾-