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-Extraction and Separation of Catechins by Using Supercritical CO/sub 2/ through Absorption and Adsorption Processes張傑明-
-Extraction of antioxidative compounds from wine lees using supercritical fluids and associated anti-tyrosinase activityWu, J.J.; 張傑明; Lin, J.C.; Wang, C.H.; Jong, T.T.; Yang, H.L.; Hsu, S.L.; Chang, C.M.J.; 鍾婷婷-
-Extraction of application of antioxidant components of garlic skin on meat productsMing-Yi Lin; 林明毅
-Extraction of flavonoid glycosides from Ginkgo biloba leaves and their adsorption separations using hydrophobic and anion-exchange membranesYu, F.C.; 孫幸宜; Lai, S.M.; Suen, S.Y.; 游繁結-
-Extraction of vitamin K and its fuantitative determination from citrus fruits growth in Taiwan
-Extraction of Wildfire Potential Site Using Environmental IndicesChiao-Jou Hsieh; Chuphan Chompuchan; Cheng-Yu Lin; 謝巧柔; 蘇潘; 林政侑
-Extraction Separation of Hydrophobic Substances Using Surfactant-Immobilized Anion-Exchange Membranes孫幸宜-
-Extracts of black garlic exhibits gastrointestinal motility effectChen, Yi-An; Tsai, Jen-Chieh; Cheng, Kuan-Chen; Liu, Keng-Fan; Chang, Chao-Kai; Hsieh, Chang-Wei; 謝昌衛
-Extracts of Koelreuteria henryi Dummer induce apoptosis and autophagy by inhibiting dihydrodiol dehydrogenase, thus enhancing anticancer effects-
-Extraordinary mechanical flexibility in composite thin films composed of bimetallic AgPt nanoparticle-decorated multi-walled carbon nanotubesKo, W.Y.; Su, J.W.; Guo, C.H.; Lin, K.J.-
-Extraordinary mechanical flexibility in composite thin films composed of bimetallic AgPt nanoparticle-decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubesKo, Wen-Yin; Su, Jun-Wei; Guo, Chian-Hua; Lin, Kuan-Jiuh-
-Extreme Dependence Behavior between US and International Equity Markets: Application of Extreme Linkage TheoryTzu-Chuan Kao; Chu-Hsiung Lin; Wei-Shun Kao; 高子荃; 林楚雄; 高偉舜
-Extremely Efficient Cross-Coupling of Benzylic Halides with Aryltitanium Tris(isopropoxide) Catalyzed by Low Loadings of a Simple Palladium(II) Acetate/Tris(p-tolyl)phosphine SystemChen, C.R.; 高漢謀; Zhou, S.L.; Biradar, D.B.; Gau, H.M.-
-(Extremophiles,07(6):505-509)Identification of essential histidine residues in a recombinant α-amylase of thermophilic and alkaliphilic Bacillus sp. strain TS-23C.T. Chang; H.F. Lo; M.C. Chi; C.Y. Yao; W.H Hsu; L.L. Lin-
-(Extremophiles,08(1):079-087)A thermostable leucine aminopeptidase from Bacillus kaustophilus CCRC 11223L.L. Lin; W.H. Hsu; C.P. Wu; M.C. Chi; W.M. Chou; H.Y. Hu-
-The extrinsic proteins of an oxygen-evolving complex in marine diatom Cylindrotheca fusiformisShieh, Gow-Jen; Chien, Lee-Feng; Pan, Rong-Long-
-Extrusion processing of rice-based breakfast cereals enhanced with tocopherol from a Chinese medical plantLin, Y.H.; Yeh, C.S.; Lu, S.-
-The Eye and the Pyramid: The Economy of Death in Melville's “Bartleby, the Scrivener”王俊三
-E世代的館藏查詢系統──資源探索系統(DDS)楊志文; 郭蕙貞 
-E口碑之前置因素與結果變數之實證研究吳幸芳; Wu, Hsing-Fang-