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-A "C" functional MADS box gene regulating sstamen and carpel development acts independently from the formation of unisexual flowers in monoecious plant Zucchini squashYen-Ling Shih; Chang-Hsien Yang-
-A C-13 and H-1 NMR spectroscopic investigation of the structure of the iminium ion with a dipolar form in metal complexes of 2-N-substituted N-confused porphyrinsChang, Wen-Pin; Lin, Wen-Chain; Chen, Jyh-Horung; Wang, Shin-Shin; Tung, Jo-Yu-
-c-di-GMP如何增進LtmA與其同源DNA結合的結構研究胡惠喻; Hui-Yu Hu
-C-H Bond Activation of Palladium Complexes That Feature Pendant Benzamidinate Ligands and Their Catalytic BehavioursChen, M.T.; Wu, K.M.; Chen, C.T.-
-C-reactive protein, sodium azide, and endothelial connexin43 gap junctionsWang, H.H.; Yeh, H.I.; Wang, C.Y.; Su, C.H.; Wu, Y.J.; Tseng, Y.Y.; Lin, Y.C.; Tsai, C.H.-
-The C-terminal part of BPGI, a GIGANTEA (GI) orthologue of woody plant Bauhinia purpurea, is sufficient to compensate gi mutation in ArabidopsisEmily Chin-Fun Chen; Chang-Hsien Yang-
-The C-terminal sequence of LMADS1 is essential for the formation of homodimers for B function proteinsTzeng, T.Y.; 楊長賢; Liu, H.C.; Yang, C.H.-
-The C-terminal two residues of infectious bursal disease virus VP4 protein play a role on tubule formation and enzymatic activity蕭鼎峰; Ting-Feng Hsiao
-C/D Class MADS Box Genes from Two Monocots, Orchid (Oncidium Gower Ramsey) and Lily (Lilium longiflorum), Exhibit Different Effects on Floral Transition and Formation in Arabidopsis thalianaHsu, H.F.; 楊長賢; Hsieh, W.P.; Chen, M.K.; Chang, Y.Y.; Yang, C.H.-
-C/EBP beta and C/EBP delta expression is elevated in the early phase of ethanol-induced hepatosteatosis in miceChen, Y.H.; 胡淼琳; Yang, C.M.; Chang, S.P.; Hu, M.L.-
-C1對稱氮異環亞甲基和雙牙烷氧基氮異環亞甲基之合成及其化合物和鈀金屬催化有機鋁金屬試劑與炔丙酸乙酯偶合反應之研究黃薏陵; Huang, Yi-Ling-
-A C2-Symmetric Pool Based Flexible Strategy: An Enantioconvergent Synthesis of (+)-Valiolamine and (+)-ValienamineLo, H.J.; Chen, C.Y.; Zheng, W.L.; Yeh, S.M.; Yan, T.H.-
-A C2-Symmetric Pool Based Flexible Strategy: An Enantioconvergent Synthesis of (+)-Valiolamine and (+)-ValienamineLo, Hong-Jay; Chen, Cheng-Yih; Zheng, Wei-Lin; Yeh, Shang-Ming; Yan, Tu-Hsin-
-C2-軸對稱手性結構類衍生的一種彈性策略: 簡捷途徑合成COTC-Np、 (+)-MK7607、(+)-Lycoricidine、(+)-Valienamine、(+)-Pancratistatin的關鍵中間體,及Conduramine A-1和Conduramine E張元康; Chang, Yuan-Kang-
-C2-軸對稱手性結構類衍生的一種彈性策略:簡捷途徑合成(+)-Valienamine、(+)-Valiolamine、1-epi-(+)-MK7607、1-epi-(-)-Streptol、(-)-Hygromycin A、Conduramine B-1、C-1、C-4、D-1、F-1與F-4及(-)-Laminitol的關鍵中間體駱宏杰; Lo, Hong-Jay-
-C4光合基因轉殖水稻的氣體交換能力及C4光合酵素活性之分析林建吏; Lin, Chien-Li-
-C8051F120高性能微控制器於多感測器量測系統與三軸全向輪機器人控制之應用陳柏維; Chen, Bo-Wei-
-Ca2+store depletion and endoplasmic reticulum stress are involved in P2X7 receptor-mediated neurotoxicity in differentiated NG108-15 cellsChao, C.C.; Huang, C.C.; Lu, D.Y.; Wong, K.L.; Chen, Y.R.; Cheng, T.H.; Leung, Y.M.-
-CABYR基因之調控鍾瑋敏; Chung, Wei-Mimg-
-Cache-aware real-time disk schedulingChang, H.P.; 張軒彬 ; Chang, R.I.; Shih, W.K.; Chang, R.C.-