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-(E)-N- 2-(Benzyliminomethyl)phenyl -2,6-diisopropylanilineLiu, Y.C.; Lin, H.; Chen, H.L.; Ko, B.T.-
-E-Fenton法結合透水性反應牆去除地下水中五氯酚之研究洪琮博; Hung, Tsung-Po-
-e-GPS系統應用於圖根控制測量之探討-以臺中縣龍井鄉重測區為例林文亮; Lin, Wen-Liang-
-E-metrics在數位圖書館使用評估的應用Chen, Li-Ping; 詹麗萍
-E. coli表現之PCV2 ORF2次單位疫苗之效益評估及PRRS病毒在協同引發PCV2相關疾病之角色徐戎成; Hsu, Jung-Cheng-
-E. Lévinas' Ethics of Responsibility-for-the-Other and the Implications of Teacher-Student RelationshipWen-Hsing Lo; 羅文興
-E/Ek/1機器修理問題含有不可信賴的服務系統之利益分析郭明儀; Kuo, Ming-Yi-
-E3 ubiquitin ligase mcCPN1參與耐鹽植物冰花鈉鉀離子平衡機制顏宏真-
-E339 ... R416 salt bridge of nucleoprotein as a feasible target for influenza virus inhibitorsShen, Y.F.; Chen, Y.H.; Chu, S.Y.; Lin, M.I.; Hsu, H.T.; Wu, P.Y.; Wu, C.J.; Liu, H.W.; Lin, F.Y.; Lin, G.; Hsu, P.H.; Yang, A.S.; Cheng, Y.S.E.; Wu, Y.T.; Wong, C.H.; Tsai, M.D.-
-E395Q突變對XpsE蛋白聚合的影響李鳴亞; Lee, Ming-Ya-
-E4BP4 is a cardiac survival factor and essential for embryonic heart developmentWeng, Y.J.; 董光中; Hsieh, D.J.Y.; Kuo, W.W.; Lai, T.Y.; Hsu, H.H.; Tsai, C.H.; Tsai, F.J.; Lin, D.Y.; Lin, J.A.; Huang, C.Y.; Tung, K.C.-
-EAG Analysis of the Effective Components of Garcinia dulcis for Attracting Female Oriental Fruit Fly楊恩誠-
-Early cardiac damage after subarachnoid hemorrhage in ratsLin, N.N.; 董光中; Kuo, J.S.; Cheng, C.C.; Tung, K.C.; Cheng, F.C.; Chiu, Y.T.-
-Early Detection of Adrenocortical Carcinoma in a Child With Li-Fraumeni SyndromeLin, M.T.; 謝政哲; Shie, J.J.; Chang, J.H.M.; Chang, S.W.; Chen, T.C.; Hsu, W.H.-
-Early development in Williams syndromeTsai, S.W.; 劉英明; Wu, S.K.; Liou, Y.M.; Shu, S.G.-
-An Early Fault Diagnosis Agreement under Hybrid Fault ModelM. L. Chiang; S. C. Wang; L. Y. Tseng
-An early fault diagnosis agreement under hybrid fault modelChiang, M.L.; 曾怜玉; Wang, S.C.; Tseng, L.Y.-
-The Early Gene hhi1 Reactivates Heliothis zea Nudivirus 1 in Latently Infected CellsWu, Y.L.; Wu, C.P.; Lee, S.T.; Tang, H.; Chang, C.H.; Chen, H.H.; Chao, Y.C.-
-(Early Human Development, 60:073-087)Fatty acid composition of the milk lipids of Fulani women and the serum phospholipids of their exclusively breast-fed infantsVanderJagt, D.J.; Arndt, C.D.; Okolo, S.N.; Y. S. Huang; Chuang, L.-T.; Glew, R.H.
-Early Improvements in insulin sensitivity and inflammatory markers are induced by pravastatin in nondiabetic subjects with hypercholesterolemiaLee, W.J.; Lee, W.L.; Tang, Y.J.; Liang, K.W.; Chien, Y.H.; Tsou, S.S.; Sheu, W.H.H.-