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-R&D intensity, firm performance and the identification of the threshold: fresh evidence from the panel threshold regression modelYeh, M.L.; Chu, H.P.; Sher, P.J.; Chiu, Y.C.-
-R&D Outlay, Market Competition, Default Risk, and Executives Stock Options林宜勉-
-The R&D Process and Analysis for Innovative Products劉佩瑜; Liu, Pei-Yu-
-R&D, Market Power, and Trade -The Case of Soybeans廖述誼; Liao, Shu-Yi; 陳盛通; 陳吉仲; Chen, Sheng-Tung; Chen, Chi-Chung
-R&D協同分析-以生技公司為例賴宜鴻; Lai, Yi-Hung-
-R&D服務之買方決策反應實證研究Lee, Ya-Wen; 李雅雯-
-R. C. 雙向長柱行為之直接分析與探討蔣志強; JIANG, ZHI-QIANG-
-R.C.平版式與R.C.淺櫊柵式覆蓋版破壞模式之探討黃士軒; Huang, Shih-Hsuan-
-R.C.板梁構件支撐拆模時間研究黃俊傑; Huang, Chun Chieh-
-R.C.樑側貼鋼鈑之撓曲補強研究陳君璽; Chen, Chun-Hsi-
-R1-xAxMnO3 ( R=La、Nd,A=Ca、Mg 和 Pb ,x= 1/3 )之物理性質研究Chang, Yan-Long; 張延隆-
-Racocetra undulata, a new species in the Glomeromycetes from TaiwanLin, T.C.; Yen, C.H.-
-Rad23蛋白類泛素區域磷酸化對其與26S proteasome之結合及紫外光逆境下之生存力具負調控之作用李彥德; Li, Yen-Te-
-Radar pulse compression for point target and distributed target using neural networkDuh, F.B.; 莊家峰; Juang, C.F.-
-Radial Pressure Pulse and Heart Rate Variability in Heat- and Cold-Stressed HumansHuang, C.M.; Chang, H.C.; Kao, S.T.; Li, T.C.; Wei, C.C.; Chen, C.C.; Liao, Y.T.; Chen, F.J.-
-Radial Pressure Pulse and Heart Rate Variability in Normotensive and Hypertensive SubjectsHuang, C.M.; Chang, H.C.; Kao, S.T.; Li, T.C.; Wei, C.C.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, F.J.; Tsou, S.S.-
-A Radiate Microstructure MALDI Chip for Sample Concentration and DetectionChen, S.Y.; 賴建成; Li, K.I.; Yu, C.S.; Wang, J.S.; Hu, Y.C.; Lai, C.C.-
-Radiation inactivation analysis of thylakoid protein kinase systems in light and in darknessLee, S.C.; Chien, L.F.; Van, R.C.; Hsiao, Y.Y.; Hong, J.L.; Pan, R.L.-
-The Radiative Decay of Doubly Excited States of Helium陳明克-