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-Y-Pd-B-C系統摻雜稀土磁性離子Ho,Dy其傳導特性的研究Lu, Kuo-tang; 盧國棟-
-Y1-xRExPd5B3C0.4系統中臨界電流密度的探討施幸宜; H.Y.Shih-
-Y3Ba5(Cu1-xFex)8O18-δ拉曼光譜的研究詹益誌; Chan, Yi-Chih-
-Y3Ba5Cu8O18-δ電子順磁共振光譜研究江泓村; Jiang, Hong-Cun-
-Yann Martel's Life of Pi as a Bildungsroman: A Journey Towards Ecological ConsciousnessSheng-Hong Huang; 黃聖宏
-YAP1 homologue-mediated redox sensing is crucial for a successful infection by Monilinia fructicolaYu, Pei-Ling; Wang, Chih-Li; Chen, Pei-Yin; Lee, Miin-Huey; 李敏惠
-Yatein, Antitumor Active Compound from Calocedrus formosana Florin Leave and Its MechanismShang-Tse Ho; 何尚哲
-Yeast expressed classical swine fever E2 subunit vaccine candidate provides complete protection against lethal challenge infection and prevents horizontal virus transmissionLin, G.J.; Deng, M.C.; Chen, Z.W.; Liu, T.Y.; Wu, C.W.; Cheng, C.Y.; Chien, M.S.; Huang, C.J.-
-Yeast-expressed classical swine fever virus glycoprotein E2 induces a protective immune responseLin, G.J.; 宣詩玲; Liu, T.Y.; Tseng, Y.Y.; Chen, Z.W.; You, C.C.; Hsuan, S.L.; Chien, M.S.; Huang, C.J.; 黃千衿; 簡茂盛-
-Yes We Can Change! A Story for Non-Government Organizations against World BankHan-Tang Chen; 陳翰堂-
-Yes We Can Change! 談非政府組織對抗世界銀行的故事陳翰堂; Han-Tang Chen
-Yield and Chemical Composition of Brussels Sprout (Brassica oleracea L. gemmifera) as Affected by Boron ManagementTuran, M.; Ataoglu, N.; Gunes, A.; Oztas, T.; Dursun, A.; Ekinci, M.; Ketterings, Q.M.; Huang, Y.M.-
-Yield and grain uniformity in contrasting rice genotypes suitable for different growth environmentsJeng, T.L.; Tseng, T.H.; Wang, C.S.; Chen, C.L.; Sung, J.M.-
-Yield of the pharmaceutical enzyme L-N-Carbamoylase in transgenic rice for the production of L-Homophenylalanine曾智偉; Tzeng, Chih-Wei-
-Yield variability as influenced by climate: A statistical investigationChen, C.C.; 陳吉仲; McCarl, B.A.; Schimmelpfennig, D.E.-
-Yip Wai-lim's Self-Contained Images of Exile簡政珍
-The Young's modulus of chromium nitride filmsChen, H.Y.; 呂福興; Tsai, C.J.; Lu, F.H.-
-Youngimonas vesicularis gen. nov., sp. nov., of the family Rhodobacteraceae, isolated from surface seawater, reclassification of Donghicola xiamenensis Tan et al. 2009 as Pseudodonghicola xiamenensis gen. nov., comb. nov. and emended description of the genus Donghicola Yoon et al. 2007Hameed, A.; Shahina, M.; Lin, S.-Y.; Nakayan, P.; Liu, Y.-C.; Lai, W.-A.; Hsu, Y.-H.-
-Your Submissive Servant: the Interrelationships between Race, Gender and Class in Nadine Gordimer''s July''s PeopleChen, Mei-hue; 陳美惠-
-Yuan Soldiers attacked Japan-Japanese Foreign Policies in the Middle Ages (II)羅麗馨-