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Pi-Chung Wang
Pi-Chung Wang
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第 1 到 17 筆結果,共 17 筆。

1-An Anycast-Based Emergency Service for Healthcare Wireless Sensor NetworksChen, S.K.; 王丕中 ; Wang, P.C.-
2-Design and Implementation of an Anycast Services Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksChen, S.K.; 王丕中 ; Wang, P.C.-
3-Distributed Location Service with Spatial Awareness for Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksChen, S.K.; 王丕中 ; Chen, T.Y.; Wang, P.C.-
4-Efficient Packet Classification with a Hybrid AlgorithmWang, P.C.; 王丕中 -
5-Fast and Complete Conflict Detection for Packet ClassifiersPi-Chung Wang ; Chin-Yu Lai
6-A New Iterated Local Search Algorithm for Solving Broadcast Scheduling Problems in Packet Radio NetworksLin, C.C.; 王丕中 ; Wang, P.C.-
7-Packet Classification with Hierarchical Cross-ProductingLee, C.L.; 王丕中 ; Chan, C.T.; Wang, P.C.-
8-Performance Improvement of Packet Classification for Enabling Differentiated ServicesWang, P.C.; 王丕中 -
9-Performance improvement of two-dimensional packet classification by filter rephrasingWang, P.C.; 王丕中 ; Lee, C.L.; Chan, C.T.; Chang, H.Y.-
10-Routing Table Compaction for TCAM-Based IP Address LookupWang, P.C.; 王丕中 ; Fang, Y.T.; Huang, T.C.-
11-Scalable Multi-Match Packet Classification Using TCAM and SRAMYu-Chieh Cheng; Pi-Chung Wang ; 王丕中 
12-Scalable packet classification by TCAM entry encryption algorithmLee, C.L.; 王丕中 ; Wang, P.C.-
13-Scalable packet classification for enabling Internet differentiated servicesWang, P.C.; 王丕中 ; Chan, C.T.; Lee, C.L.; Chang, H.Y.-
14-Scalable packet classification using a compound algorithmWang, P.C.; 王丕中 -
15-Scalable packet classification with controlled cross-productingWang, P.C.; 王丕中 -
16-Scalable Packet Classification with Hash TablesWang, P.C.; 王丕中 -
17-TCAM-Based Multi-Match Packet Classification Using Multidimensional Rule LayeringDao-Yuan Chang; Pi-Chung Wang ; 王丕中