Chung-Jan Chang
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第 1 到 4 筆結果,共 4 筆。

1-A single amino acid substitution in the movement protein enables the mechanical transmission of a geminivirusChia-Hwa Lee ; You-Xiu Zheng ; Chin-Hsiang Chan ; Hsin-Mei Ku ; Chung-Jan Chang ; Fuh-Jyh Jan 
2-Biological, Pathological, and Molecular Characteristics of a New Potyvirus, Dendrobium Chlorotic Mosaic Virus, Infecting Dendrobium OrchidChih-Hung Huang ; Chia-Hsing Tai ; Ruey-Song Lin ; Chung-Jan Chang ; Fuh-Jyh Jan 
3-Identification and characterisation of watermelon green mottle mosaic virus as a new cucurbit-infecting tobamovirusYing-Huey Cheng ; Chih-Hung Huang ; Chung-Jan Chang ; Fuh-Jyh Jan 
4-Universal Primers for Rapid Detection of Six Pospiviroids in Solanaceae Plants Using One-Step Reverse-Transcription PCR and Reverse-Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal AmplificationYi-Wen Tseng ; Chien-Fu Wu ; Chia-Hwa Lee ; Chung-Jan Chang ; Yuh-Kun Chen ; Fuh-Jyh Jan