Chang-Wei Hsieh
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第 1 到 20 筆結果,共 26 筆。

1-A strategy for promoting gamma-glutamyltransferase activity and enzymatic synthesis of S-allyl-(L)-cysteine in aged garlic via high hydrostatic pressure pretreatmentsYu-Ting Chen ; Yi-An Chen ; Chieh-Hsiu Lee ; Jung-Tsung Wu ; Kuan-Chen Cheng ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
2-Alternating current electric field inhibits browning of Pleurotus ostreatus via inactivation of oxidative enzymes during postharvest storageChun-Chi Hsieh ; Chao-Kai Chang ; Li-Wah Wong ; Chung-Chi Hu ; Jer-An Lin ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
3-Anti-Melanogenic Effect from Submerged Mycelial Cultures of Ganoderma weberianumYing-Jang Lai ; Kai-Di Hsu ; Tzu-Jung Huang ; Chang-Wei Hsieh ; Yu-Hin Chan ; Kuan-Chen Cheng -
4-Bioactive compounds with anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory activities of hop extractsChun-Nan Wu ; Li-Chin Sun ; Yung-Lin Chu ; Roch-Chui Yu ; Chang-Wei Hsieh ; Hsien-Yi Hsu ; Fu-Chiun Hsu ; Kuan-Chen Cheng 
5-Characterization and Antioxidant Activities of Yellow Strain Flammulina velutipes (Jinhua Mushroom) Polysaccharides and Their Effects on ROS Content in L929 CellYu-Ning Hu ; Tzu-Jung Sung ; Chun-Hsu Chou ; Kai-Lun Liu ; Liang-Po Hsieh ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
6-Chemical analysis, moisture-preserving, and antioxidant activities of polysaccharides from Pholiota nameko by fractional precipitationChun-Hsu Chou ; Tzu-Jung Sung ; Yu-Ning Hu ; Hsin-Yu Lu ; Li-Chan Yang ; Kuan-Chen Cheng ; Ping-Shan Lai ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
7-Comparative UHPLC-Q-Orbitrap HRMS-Based Metabolomics Unveils Biochemical Changes of Black Garlic during Aging ProcessWilliam Chih-Wei Chang ; Yi-Ting Chen  ; Hong-Jhang Chen ; Chang-Wei Hsieh ; Pao-Chi Liao 
8-Enhanced production of bacterial cellulose by Komactobacter intermedius using statistical modelingShella Permatasari Santoso ; Chih-Chan Chou ; Shin-Ping Lin ; Felycia Edi Soetaredjo ; Suryadi Ismadji ; Chang-Wei Hsieh ; Kuan Chen Cheng -
9-Enhancement of Agricultural Processed By-Products: Qualities Analysis of Fermentation Method in Gradient Salt Adding Treatment of Tuna Cooking Juice with Black Bean Koji AddedJhih-Ying Ciou ; Lu-Sheng Hsieh ; Tzu-Tai Lee ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
10-Enzymatic degradation of ginkgolic acid by laccase immobilized on novel electrospun nanofiber matHung-Yueh Chen ; Kuan-Chen Cheng ; Ren-Jun Hsu ; Chang-Wei Hsieh ; Hsueh-Ting Wang ; Yuwen Ting 
11-Enzymatic hydrolysates obtained from Trametes versicolor polysaccharopeptides protect human skin keratinocyte against AAPH-induced oxidative stress and inflammatoryChun-Hsu Chou ; Ming-Shiun Tsai ; Hsin-Yu Lu ; Chao-Kai Chang ; Kuan-Chen Cheng ; Mei-Hsin Jhan ; Chang-Wei Hsieh -
12-Evaluation of using high-pressure homogenization technology in enhancing the aroma synthesis of sorghum spiritsChao-Kai Chang ; Wen-Ching Ko ; Yi-An Chen ; Yung-Jia Chan ; Kuan-Chen Cheng ; Ping-Shan Lai ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
13-Exploring epigallocatechin gallate impregnation to inhibit 5-hydroxymethylfurfural formation and the effect on antioxidant ability of black garlicChieh-Hsiu Lee ; Yu-Ting Chen ; Hsin-Jung Hsieh ; Kai-Ting Chen ; Yi-An Chen ; Jung-Tsung Wu ; Ming-Shiun Tsai ; Jer-An Lin ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
14-Extracts from Fermented Black Garlic Exhibit a Hepatoprotective Effect on Acute Hepatic InjuryJen-Chieh Tsai ; Yi-An Chen ; Jung-Tsung Wu ; Kuan-Chen Cheng ; Ping-Shan Lai ; Keng-Fan Liu ; Yung-Kai Lin ; Yu-Tsang Huang ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
15-Fast quantification of short-chain fatty acids in rat plasma by gas chromatographyChung-Yi Wang ; Yu-Wei Chen ; You-Lin Tain ; Sam K.C. Chang ; Li-Tung Huang ; Chang-Wei Hsieh ; Chih-Yao Hou 
16-Pholiota nameko Polysaccharides Promotes Cell Proliferation and Migration and Reduces ROS Content in H2O2-Induced L929 CellsTzu-Jung Sung ; Yu-Ying Wang ; Kai-Lun Liu ; Chun-Hsu Chou ; Ping-Shan Lai ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
17-Preparation and physicochemical and cytocompatibility analyses of a magnetic polymer colloid of xanthan gum-chitosan/nickel nanowiresYu-Teng Chang ; Sue-Hong Wang ; Ming-Shiun Tsai ; Chang-Wei Hsieh ; Hung-Bin Lee 
18-Preparation of antimicrobial active packaging film by capacitively coupled plasma treatmentLi-Wah Wong ; Chih-Yao Hou ; Chun-Chi Hsieh ; Chao-Kai Chang ; Yi-Shan Wu ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
19-Preparation of S-allyl cysteine-enriched garlic by two-step processingYu-Ting Chen ; Chieh-Hsiu Lee ; Yi-An Chen ; Jung-Tsung Wu ; Ming-Shiun Tsai ; Kuan-Chen Cheng ; Chang-Wei Hsieh 
20-Recent advances in processing technology to reduce 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in foodsChieh-Hsiu Lee ; Kai-Ting Chen ; Jer-An Lin ; Yu-Ting Chen ; Yi-An Chen ; Jung-Tsung Wu ; Chang-Wei Hsieh