Gow-Chin Yen
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第 1 到 10 筆結果,共 10 筆。

1-A mechanistic and empirical review of antcins, a new class of phytosterols of formosan fungi originK.J. Senthil Kumar ; M. Gokila Vani ; Chieh-Yin Chen ; Wen-Wei Hsiao ; Jing Li ; Zhan-xi Lin ; Fang-Hua Chu ; Gow-Chin Yen ; Sheng-Yang Wang 
2-Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, and Microbiota-Modulating Effects of Camellia Oil from Camellia brevistyla on Acetic Acid-Induced Colitis in RatsChun-Ching Wu ; Yu-Tang Tung ; Sheng-Yi Chen ; Wei-Ting Lee ; Hsin-Tang Lin ; Gow-Chin Yen 
3-Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities and bioactive compounds of the leaves of Trichodesma khasianum clarkeSheng-Yi Chen ; Guan-Yu Wang ; Ji-Hua Lin ; Gow-Chin Yen 
4-Camellia oil alleviates the progression of Alzheimer's disease in aluminum chloride -treated ratsMing-Hong Weng ; Sheng-Yi Chen ; Zih-Ying Li ; Gow-Chin Yen 
5-Citrus flavonoids suppress IL-5 and ROS through distinct pathways in PMA/ionomycin-induced EL-4 cellsWei-Ling Yang ; Sheng-Yi Chen ; Cheng-Ying Ho ; Gow-Chin Yen -
6-Glycyrrhizin Attenuates the Process of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition by Modulating HMGB1 Initiated Novel Signaling Pathway in Prostate Cancer CellsHeng-Yu Chang ; Sheng-Yi Chen ; Chi-Hao Wu ; Chi-Cheng Lu ; Gow-Chin Yen 
7-Protective effects of camellia oil (Camellia brevistyla) against indomethacin-induced gastrointestinal mucosal damage in vitro and in vivoRuei-Yu Wang ; Yu-Tang Tung ; Sheng-Yi Chen ; Ya-Lin Lee ; Gow-Chin Yen 
8-Pterostilbene Enhances Cytotoxicity and Chemosensitivity in Human Pancreatic Cancer CellsYi-Hao Hsu ; Sheng-Yi Chen ; Sheng-Yang Wang ; Jer-An Lin ; Gow-Chin Yen 
9-The potential role of phenolic compounds on modulating gut microbiota in obesityGow-Chin Yen ; Hsin-Lin Cheng ; Li-Yu Lin ; Shiuan-Chih Chen ; Chin-Lin Hsu 
10-Ursolic acid promotes apoptosis, autophagy, and chemosensitivity in gemcitabine-resistant human pancreatic cancer cellsJi-Hua Lin ; Sheng-Yi Chen ; Chi-Cheng Lu ; Jer-An Lin ; Gow-Chin Yen