Wan-Yu Liu
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第 1 到 12 筆結果,共 12 筆。

1-A novel centrality-based method for visual analytics of small-world networksChun-Cheng Lin ; Weidong Huang ; Wan-Yu Liu ; Sheng-Feng Wu -
2-Assessing the Amenity Value of Forest Ecosystem Services: Perspectives from the Use of Sustainable Green SpaceWan-Yu Liu ; Yen-Yu Lin ; Han-Shen Chen ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
3-Assessing the economic value of an iconic urban heritage treeHsin-Wei Lin ; Yu-Chou Chuang ; Wan-Yu Liu 
4-Assessing the Recreational Value of a National Forest Park from Ecotourists' Perspective in TaiwanWan-Yu Liu ; Pin-Zheng Chen ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
5-Considering stockers in reentrant hybrid flow shop scheduling with limited buffer capacityChun-Cheng Lin ; Wan-Yu Liu ; Yu-Hsiang Chen -
6-Forest biomass-to-biofuel factory location problem with multiple objectives considering environmental uncertainties and social enterprisesChun-Cheng Lin ; Jia-Rong Kang ; Guan-Lin Huang ; Wan-Yu Liu 
7-Identification of the relationship between urbanization and bird nest migration using buffer and similarity analysesWan-Yu Liu ; Yen-Hsiang Huang ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
8-Investigating Environmental Transgressions at Corbett Tiger Reserve, IndiaTanmay Sharma ; Joseph S. Chen ; Wan-Yu Liu 
9-The Carbon Benefit of Thinned Wood for Bioenergy in TaiwanChyi-Rong Chiou ; Jiunn-Cheng Lin ; Wan-Yu Liu 
10-The Impacts of Different Climate Change Scenarios on Visits toward the National Forest Park in TaiwanWan-Yu Liu ; Yen-Hsiang Huang ; Chi-Ming Hsieh 
11-Three-Dimensional Internet-of-Things Deployment With Optimal Management Service Benefits for Smart Tourism Services in Forest Recreation ParksChun-Cheng Lin ; Wan-Yu Liu ; Yu-Wen Lu 
12-Tourists' environmental vandalism and cognitive dissonance in a National Forest ParkJing-Han Wu ; Hsing-Wei Lin ; Wan-Yu Liu