鄭菲菲(Fei-Fei Cheng)
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作者:  吳金山(Chin-Shan Wu)

第 1 到 2 筆結果,共 2 筆。

1-Are You Watching Live Stream Shopping? An Investigation of Influential Factors on Audiences’ Trust and Loyalty Intention from Elaboration Likelihood Model Perspective鄭菲菲(Fei-Fei Cheng) ; 李嘉珊(Chia-Shan Li) ; 劉沛希(Pei-Hsi Liu) ; 吳金山(Chin-Shan Wu) 
2-Stickiness on a Mobile Instant Messaging Service: Perspective of Consumption Value Theory, Flow, and Social Influence Theory鄭菲菲(Fei-Fei Cheng) ; 吳金山(Chin-Shan Wu) ; 張榮庭(Arthur Jung-Ting Chang) ; 林加敏(Chia-Min Lin)