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標題: Characterization of semi-polar (20(2)over-bar1) InGaN microLEDs
作者: Ray-Hua Horng 
Shreekant Sinha 
Yuh-Renn Wu 
Fu-Guo Tarntair 
Jung Han 
Dong-Sing Wuu 
關鍵字: Engineering;Materials science;Optics and photonics;Physics
In this paper, semi-polar (202¯1) InGaN blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were fabricated and compared the performance with those of LEDs grown on c-plane sapphire substrate. LEDs with different chip sizes of 100 μm × 100 μm, 75 μm × 75 μm, 25 μm × 25 μm, and 10 μm × 10 μm were used to study the influence of chip size on the device performance. It was found that the contact behavior between the n electrode and the n-GaN layer for the semi-polar (202¯1) LEDs was different from that for the LEDs grown on the c-plane device. Concerning the device performance, the smaller LEDs provided a larger current density under the same voltage and presented a smaller forward voltage. However, the sidewall’s larger surface to volume ratio could affect the IQE. Therefore, the output power density reached the maximum with the 25 μm × 25 μm chip case. In addition, the low blue-shift phenomenon of semi-polar (202¯1) LEDs was obtained. The larger devices exhibited the maximum IQE at a lower current density than the smaller devices, and the IQE had a larger droop as the current density increased for the LEDs grown on c-plane sapphire substrate.
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