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標題: Process Integration and Interconnection Design of Passive-Matrix LED Micro-Displays With 256 Pixel-Per-Inch Resolution
作者: Shuo-Huang Yuan 
Shih-Siang Yan 
Yu-Shiuan Yao 
Chung-Cheng Wu 
Ray-Hua Horng 
Dong-Sing Wuu 
A 0.28-inch InGaN-based blue micro-LED display with 256 pixel-per-inch resolution and a pitch of 100 μm was successfully fabricated in this study. A thick Ti/Al/Ti/Au interconnection metal was deposited on the n-type gallium nitride (n-GaN) region to reduce the interconnection resistance. The micro-LED array with interconnection metal exhibits better electrical property consistency as compared with that of the traditional one. The output power, forward voltage, and external quantum efficiency of micro-LED, which measured under 1-mA current injection with the full lighting mode, are 0.8 mW, 3.0 V, and 10%, respectively. This technique has the potential to integrate InGaN-based LEDs with quantum dots for full-color applications.
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