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標題: 電解沉積V2O5於鉑之鋰離子電池特性研究
Characterization of Electrolytic V2O5 coating on Pt for Lithium-Ion Battery
作者: 黃文良
Huang, Wen-Liang
關鍵字: V2O5;五氧化二釩;annealing;lattice parameter;燒結;晶格常數
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
O2+4H++4e-→2H2O (1)
2H++2e-→H2 (2)
VO(H2O)22++2e-→VO(OH)2+2H2 (3)
在CV電性與充放電實驗中,可看出V2O5在2.8V與3.8V區間 具有良好的可逆性,分別在3.4V與3.2V顯示出放電平台,其放電電容量約為140mAh/g.
當鋰離子嵌入V2O5晶格時產生相變化(α→ε→δ')分別從x=0至0.2和0.6,δ'是一個擁有斜方晶系結構的相,晶格常數a=11.4388 Å b=8.8374 Å c=3.5793 Å,以前並末被發現。

Cathodic V2O5 deposition on Pt was conducted in VOSO4 aqueous solution. Compared with cathodic polarization curves in Na2SO4,H2SO4, and HCl, reaction in VOSO4 could be divided into 3 stage :
O2+4H++4e-→2H2O (1)
2H++2e-→H2 (2)
VO(H2O)22++2e-→VO(OH)2+H2 (3)
A uniform film of V2O5 film was conducted at Ta for tb and its particle sizes was about 0.25μm.
CV and charge-discharge tests revealed that the reaction were reversible between 2.8 V and 3.8 V versus Li/Li+ for x≦1 . Two discharging plateaus were found at 3.2 V and 3.4 V, respectively and its discharge capacity is about 140 mAh/g.
Results of XRD verified that the lattice parameters of orthorhombicαphase did not change after charge-discharge cycle tests. However, the phase structure changed from α to ε and δ' as x increased from o to 0.2 and to 0.6, respectively. The δ'( a=11.4388 Å b=8.8374 Å c=3.5793 Å )was a new orthorhombic phase with a=11.4388 Å b=8.8374 Å c=3.5793 Å, which was different from δ and not found before.
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