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標題: 脈波調變電漿沈積氫化非晶氮化矽以製作全濕蝕刻製程的非晶矽薄膜電晶體
A-SiNx:H deposited by pulse-wave modulation plasma for totally wet etch fabricated amorphous silicon thin film transistor
作者: 何佳聲
關鍵字: PECVD;全濕蝕刻;a-SiNx:H;a-Si:H TFT;脈波調變;氫化非晶氮化矽;氫化非晶矽薄膜電晶體
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
The influence of different pulse ON/OFF ratio on a-SiNx:H films were studied and the method of “totally wet etch” were used to fabricate a-Si:H TFT.
Six different pulse ON/OFF ratio were used to deposite a-SiNx:H film. The effective deposition rate, refractive index and bonding ratio were measured using N & K analyzer and FTIR spectrometer.
With the pulse ON/OFF ratio increasing from 1/3 to CW, the effective deposition rate of a-SiNx:H films reduced about 1.7 times, while the etching rate, Si-N/Si-H and N-H/Si-H of those increased about 1.4, 4.6, and 6.6 times, respectively. The increasing of Si-N/Si-H and N-H/Si-H with increasing pulse ON/OFF ratio was caused by the increasing of Si-H bond with increasing pulse ON/OFF ratio. The high pulse ON/OFF ratio is corresponding to N-rich a-SiNx:H film. From the output characteristic diagram, the device made by 1/1 pulse ON/OFF ratio had the highest drain current. From the transfer characteristic diagram, the device made by 1/1 pulse ON/OFF ratio had the highest I on/Ioff ratio, which was about 1.32×10^4.

本論文研究不同的脈波開關比對氫化非晶氮化矽(a-SiNx:H)薄膜性質的影響,並利用全濕蝕刻(totally wet etch)的方法製作氫化非晶矽薄膜電晶體(a-Si:H TFT)。
實驗上選擇六種不同的脈波電漿開關比,即CW、3/1、2/1、1/1、1/2及1/3來沈積a-SiNx:H。薄膜的沈積速率、折射率及鍵結比分別利用N&K analyzer及FTIR進行量測與分析。a-Si:H TFT元件則利用電流電壓量測儀來做電性的分析。
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