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標題: Protective effect of nerolidol on lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury through the inhibition of NF-kappa B activation by the reduction of p38 MAPK and JNK phosphorylation
作者: Shih-Pin Chen 
Chun-Hung Su 
Rosa Huang-Liu 
Min-Wei Lee 
Chen-Yu Chiang 
Wen-Ying Chen 
Chun-Jung Chen 
Sheng-Wen Wu 
Yu-Hsiang Kuan 
關鍵字: Nerolidol;LPS;Acute lung injury;NF-κB;p38 MAPK;JNK
Acute lung injury (ALI) is a severe syndrome, and there are no effective therapeutic appropriate medicines. Nerolidol, which exists in the essential oils of aromatic plants and flowers, exhibits antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activities. The present study evaluated the potential protective effect of nerolidol in ALI and the related mechanism in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-treated mice. Here, nerolidol inhibited the LPS-induced neutrophil and other leukocyte infiltration of the alveolar space. LPS increased cytokines, chemokines, and adhesion molecules, and proinflammatory protein production was inhibited by nerolidol. LPS-induced phosphorylation of NF-κB p65, p38 MAPK, JNK, ERK were inhibited by nerolidol. The inhibitory concentration of nerolidol for the phosphorylation of NF-κB p65 and its upstream factors, p38 MAPK and JNK, was similar to the inflammatory responses of ALI. In conclusion, nerolidol is a potential protective agent in ALI via the inhibition of NF-κB activation and its upstream factors phosphorylation of p38 MAPK and JNK.
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