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標題: 碳化鉻硬質薄膜在封裝模具之應用研究
作者: 黃世耀
Huang, Yao Shih
關鍵字: 碳化鉻;鍍膜;類鑽薄膜;濺鍍;陰極電弧;封裝模具
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
本實驗擬以非對稱式磁控濺射(UBM、unbalance magnetron sputter system)及陰極電弧沈積系統(CAE、cathodic arc evaporation system)在M2工具鋼及SKD11模具鋼上被覆碳化鉻薄膜,尋求最佳之薄膜製程參數條件,再模擬封裝模具表面所面臨的作業環境並進行一系列研究分析。
研究結果發現CAE系統所得之碳化鉻薄膜在機械性質表現上皆明顯優於UBM系統,且意外的在高乙炔工作壓力下沈積出高硬度之類鑽薄膜(Hv 6600)。此外碳化鉻鍍膜與基材附著性(95N)明顯優於氮化鉻(80N);鍍膜硬度(Hv 4000)>氮化鉻(Hv 2000)>電鍍硬鉻(Hv 900);鍍膜之抗氧化性略優於氮化鉻鍍膜;在抗蝕性方面,碳化鉻鍍膜相較於氮化鉻與氮化鈦鍍膜,顯示具有最高的腐蝕電位(-0.15V)及最低的腐蝕電流(25μA/cm2);鍍膜對於膠料之脫模性方面亦優於氮化鉻與電鍍硬鉻等鍍膜,綜合以上所有之優點,足以證明碳化鉻鍍膜於封裝模具應用之潛力。

Electronic industry is the most potential industry in Taiwan currently, especially IC packaging. But it is owing to the lack of experience and technology of IC packaging mold surface so that Taiwan mold''s operation life decrease to 1/2 of import mold, greatly decreasing the competition ability of Taiwan IC packaging mold. Generally speaking, molding materials all demand good rigidity and toughness, as well as corrosive resistance and excellent mold releasing. CrCx film not only totally conforms to above requests for packaging mold, it is better than those current hard films applied broadly. It both possesses high temperature oxidation resistance to resist the high temperature corrosion and various wear condition. So we could elevate the life of packaging mold by deposition chromium carbide film.
The experiment are attempted to deposit chromium carbide film on M2 steel and SKD11 mold steel by unbalance magnetron sputter system (UBM) and cathodic arc evaporation system (CAE) to find the best process condition of film. We simulated what the packaging mold surface will encounter in operation environment and proceed a series of investigation.
The investigating result shows that chromium carbide film gained by CAE system is obviously better than UBM system in mechanical property and surprisingly deposition of high hardness diamondlike film is gained at high C2H2 work pressure. Besides the adhesion (95N) between chromium carbide film and substrate is obviously better than chromium nitride (80N).The CrCx film hardness reveals ( Hv 4000) > CrN ( Hv 2000 ) > hard chrome plating ( Hv 900 )and slightly better than chromium nitride in oxidation resistance. It comparing with CrN and TiN film is revealed to possess the highest corrosion voltage (-0.15V) and lowest corrosion current(25μA/cm2)in corrosion resistance. It is also better than chromium nitride and hard chrome plating film for mold releasing. Sum up all the above advantages, we have enough evidence to prove the potential of chromium carbide film in applying packaging mold.
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