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標題: When Blockchain Meets Supply Chain: A Systematic Literature Review on Current Development and Potential Applications
關鍵字: Blockchain;digital ledger;distributed ledger technology;logistics;shared ledger;smart contract;supply chain management;systematic literature review;value chain
This study aims to explore the current status, potential applications, and future directions
of blockchain technology in supply chain management. A literature survey, along with an analytical
review, of blockchain-based supply chain research was conducted to better understand the trajectory of
related research and shed light on the benefits, issues, and challenges in the blockchain-supply-chain
paradigm. A selected corpus comprising 106 review articles was analyzed to provide an overview of the
use of blockchain and smart contracts in supply chain management. The diverse industrial applications of
these technologies in various sectors have increasingly received attention by researchers, engineers, and
practitioners. Four major issues: traceability and transparency, stakeholder involvement and collaboration,
supply chain integration and digitalization, and common frameworks on blockchain-based platforms, are
critical for future orientation. Traditional supply chain activities involve several intermediaries, trust, and
performance issues. The potential of blockchain can be leveraged to disrupt supply chain operations for better
performance, distributed governance, and process automation. This study contributes to the comprehension
of blockchain applications in supply chain management and provides a blueprint for these applications from
the perspective of literature analysis. Future efforts regarding technical adoption/diffusion, block-supply
chain integration, and their social impacts were highlighted to enrich the research scope.
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