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標題: Preparation of Clay/PS nanocomposites by surface polymerization and their physical properties
作者: Jan, Yichyr
關鍵字: 蒙脫土;montmorillonite;氯化十六烷基嘧啶;奈米複合材料;聚苯乙烯;表面聚合;動態機械分析;CPC;nanocomposite;polystyrene;surface polymerization;DMA
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
本實驗利用蒙脫土(Montmorillonite,MMT)中的鈉離子與四級胺鹽的界面活性劑(CPC,Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride)做不同量的離子交換(或吸附),再將苯乙烯單體溶化進入改質後的蒙脫土夾層區(gallery),然後進行聚合,即所謂的表面聚合。探討蒙脫土的吸附行為、不同條件下表面聚合結果及蒙脫土/聚苯乙烯複合材料的機械物性,以光散射、DSC、XRD及TGA分析蒙脫土表面聚合後所得PS的分子量、玻璃轉移溫度(Tg)、蒙脫土層間距離及單位重量蒙脫土上聚合的PS量。並利用混煉機製備蒙脫土/聚苯乙烯複合材料,使用DMA測量此複合材料的機械物性(E''、E''''及tanδ),以XRD及TEM觀察蒙脫土在PS基材中的分散情形。DMA結果指出蒙脫土/聚苯乙烯複合材料的抗折模數(E''及E'''')是PS的2倍,且由TEM照片得知,蒙脫土已呈現細微分散於PS基材中。本研究利用表面聚合方式改質蒙脫土再與PS混煉,已成功製備蒙脫土/聚苯乙烯奈米複合材料,且提升了PS的機械性質與玻璃轉移溫度(Tg)。

Montmorillonite, MMT, was modified by surface polymerization: formation of admicelle, styrene adsolubilization and polymerization. The m-MMT (modified by surface polymerization) was compounded with polystyrene (PS) to prepare MMT/PS nanocomposite. CPC (cetyl pyridinium chloride) was used to perform the ion-exchange with Na+ on MMT surface and to form admicelle (adsorbed micelle) on MMT surface. Styrene was adsolubilized into the admicelle to proceed the in-situ polymerization. The samples after surface polymerization were analyzed by DSC、light scattering、TGA and XRD to measure glass transition temperature (Tg) 、molecular weight of PS formed on MMT、PS conversion and d-spacing. The MMT/PS composites were prepared by Brabender mixer and XRD and TEM were employed to observe the dispersion of MMT in PS. The measured E'' 、E'''' and tanδ of MMT/PS nanocomposites by DMA was compared with those of pure PS. The modulus (E'' and E'''') of MMT/PS composites are higher than those of pure PS and MMT was dispersed in PS uniformly. In this research, we have prepared MMT/PS nanocomposites and the mechanical and thermal properties were improved by MMT reinforcement through surface modification of MMT.
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