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標題: A Microfluidic Single-Cell Cloning (SCC) Device for the Generation of Monoclonal Cells
作者: Chuan-Feng Yeh 
Ching-Hui Lin 
Hao-Chen Chang 
Chia-Yu Tang 
Pei-Tzu Lai 
Chia-Hsien Hsu 
關鍵字: microfluidics;single-cell cloning;monoclonal cell lines
Single-cell cloning (SCC) is a critical step in generating monoclonal cell lines, which are widely used as in vitro models and for producing proteins with high reproducibility for research and the production of therapeutic drugs. In monoclonal cell line generation, the development time can be shortened by validating the monoclonality of the cloned cells. However, the validation process currently requires specialized equipment that is not readily available in general biology laboratories. Here, we report a disposable SCC device, in which single cells can be isolated, validated, and expanded to form monoclonal cell colonies using conventional micropipettes and microscopes. The monoclonal cells can be selectively transferred from the SCC chip to conventional culture plates, using a tissue puncher. Using the device, we demonstrated that monoclonal colonies of actin-GFP (green fluorescent protein) plasmid-transfected A549 cells could be formed in the device within nine days and subsequently transferred to wells in plates for further expansion. This approach offers a cost-effective alternative to the use of specialized equipment for monoclonal cell generation.
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