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標題: Effect of chromium diffusion barrier in stress behavior of copper thin film
作者: 林義傑
Lin, Yi-Chieh
關鍵字: copper;銅;chromium;diffusion;thin fim;stress;relaxation;plastic deformation;鉻;擴散;薄膜;應力;疏散;塑性變形
出版社: 材料工程學研究所

As the dimensions of interconnects for integrated circuits continue to shrink, the performance and reliability achievable with aluminum alloy metallization may soon reach practical limits. Copper is an obvious candidate as a successor to aluminum. However copper is much stiffer than aluminum, which leads, for Cu films on Si substrate, to significantly larger thermal stress for a given temperature change.
In this thesis, the stress behaviors of copper thin film in Al/Cu/Cr structure with chromium underlayers with different thickness on SiO2/Si substrate were investigated. The evolution of stresses was studied using in-situ substrate curvature measurements with a scanning laser method. The heat treatments include isochronal(from room temperature to 500℃) and isothermal(150℃, 200℃, 300℃) annealing in a vacuum. The microstructures of copper thin film were also examined for annealing at 500℃ for 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours.
Form the experimental data, the stress of copper thin film at room temperature was smaller with thinner chromium layer. Besides, according to results of fitting and simulation with equations for plastic deformation, low-temperature creep appears to be the dominant stress relaxation mechanism for copper thin film in Al/Cu/Cr structure during the cooling cycle.
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