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標題: 電解沉積氧化鋁於鈷鉻鉬合金上之研究
The Study of Electrolytic Al2O3 Coating on Co-Cr-Mo Alloy
作者: Hsu, Shou Wen
關鍵字: 電解沉積;electrolytic;氧化鋁;人工關節;alumina;Co-Cr-Mo alloy;hip prosthesis
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
摘 要
由XRD的結果發現,電解沉積氧化鋁鍍膜於 CoCrMo 合金上之相變化過程如下:
以燒結溫度T6-t3的氧化鋁鍍膜的刮痕試驗SEM圖,計算鍍膜在CoCrMo合金上之荷重應力可克服4456MPa,大於此材料之降伏強度(450 Mpa),此應力相當於一般人體運動中髖骨荷重之13倍,高於氧化鋯。

The Electrolytic deposition of alumina (Al2O3) coatings on F-75 CoCrMo alloy was conducted in an aqueous solution of alumina-nitrate[Al(NO3) 3]. The better condition of alumina coatings on CoCrMo alloy was determined by controlling different elertrical-chemical parameter ( concentration, potential, time ) and different sintering conditions; and its characterization was conducted by using Potentiostat, OM, SEM/EDS, XRD, wear test and scratch test .
In the XRD experiment, it can be concluded that the phase transformation of the alumina-film has two paths:
Through the cycle polarization test in Hanks'' solution, we can find the corrosion potential and protection potential of the alumina-film is higher than the substrate . The alumina-film after annealing below T5 reveals less corrosion current density than substrate. We conclude that the alumina film has a better quality in corrosion.
SEM/EDS observations after the scratch tests show that the alumina-films on CoCrMo alloy can load a stress over the yield strength (450MPa) of CoCrMo which is 13 times of the loading of hip joints during gait(35Mpa), and is higher than ZrO2 coated film.
The wear tests show that the alumina-films worn by UHMWPE with a load stress of 50.9 MPa, for 1800 wear cycles, were undestroyed on the alloy substrate. Besides, the wear loss of UHMWPE to the Al2O3 coated specimen is only 1/10 of that to the uncoated.
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