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標題: Nicotiana benthamiana Argonaute10 plays a pro-viral role in Bamboo mosaic virus infection
作者: Ying Wen Huang 
Chung Chi Hu 
Ching Hsiu Tsai 
Na Sheng Lin 
Yau Heiu Hsu 
關鍵字: Argonaute protein (AGO);Bamboo mosaic virus (BaMV);RNA silencing;small RNA degrading nuclease 1 (SDN1);virus-derived small interfering RNAs (vsiRNAs)
RNA silencing is a major defense mechanism against invading viruses in plants. Argonaute proteins (AGOs) are the key players in RNA silencing. The number of AGO family members involved varies depending on the plant species and they play distinct or sometimes redundant roles in antiviral defense. By using a virus-induced gene silencing technique, it was found that Nicotiana benthamiana AGO1 restricted Bamboo mosaic virus (BaMV) accumulation, but NbAGO10, the closest paralog of NbAGO1, positively regulated BaMV accumulation. Immunoprecipitation assay revealed BaMV virus-derived small interfering RNAs (vsiRNAs) in NbAGO10 complexes. Transient overexpression of NbAGO10 increased BaMV RNA accumulation, but with co-expression of NbAGO1, BaMV RNA accumulation was reduced, which suggests that NbAGO10 may have competed with NbAGO1 for sequestering BaMV vsiRNA and prevented the formation of RNA-induced silencing complexes. In addition, overexpression of NbAGO10 decreased BaMV vsiRNA accumulation. A host enzyme, small RNA degrading nuclease 1 (SDN1), also was found to interact with NbAGO10 on in vivo pull-down assay. Silencing of SDN1 elevated BaMV vsiRNA level and decreased BaMV RNA accumulation in N. benthamiana, indicating that NbAGO10 might recruit SDN1 for BaMV vsiRNA degradation. The results herein suggested that NbAGO10 plays a pro-viral role by BaMV vsiRNA sequestration and degradation.
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