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標題: Interconnect Fabrication on Polymer Substrate using Submicron/Nano Silver Particles with the Assistance of Low-Density Irradiations
作者: Guo-Lun Huang 
Po-Hsiang Chiu 
Masahisa Fujino 
Jenn-Ming Song 
Low-energy Xenon flash pulses permit sintering of spray-pyrolyzed submicron Ag particles (SMPs) into conductive tracks with acceptable electrical resistivity (16.7 μΩ cm) on polyimide film in several seconds without extra heating. Mixed with Ag nanoparticles (20% in weight ratio), the resistivity of the obtained sintered mixed pastes can be reduced to 12.6 μΩ cm, which is nearly the same as those formed using nanoparticle pastes (11.2 μΩ cm). Using irradiation on the polymer substrate side, more uniform sintered deposits with better electrical conductance (ρ < 10 μΩ cm) and greater bending fatigue resistance could be achieved. This sheds light on a new method for preparing low-cost, bendable Ag interconnections.
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