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標題: Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Aryl Redoxactive Esters with Aryl Zinc Reagents
作者: Bo-Hao Shih 
R. Sidick Basha 
Chin Fa Lee 
關鍵字: nickel;cross-coupling;redox-active esters;EPR study;single-electron transfer
A nickel-catalyzed aryl–aroyloxyl C(sp2)–O radical cross-coupling reaction conducted using a redox active ester with aryl zinc reagent was developed. This method demonstrates a new disconnection approach for formation of aryl aryl esters. In the one-pot sequential process, the readily available aryl carboxylic acids can be converted into functionalized aryl aryl esters and heteroaryl esters. This protocol is amenable to the gram-scale synthesis. The present method has a wide substrate scope and high functional group tolerance.
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