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標題: Visible-Light Photoredox-Catalyzed Thioacetalization of Aldehydes Under Metal-Free and Solvent-Free Conditions
作者: Kai Du 
Shao-Chien Wang 
R. Sidick Basha 
Chin-Fa Lee 
關鍵字: Thioacetalization;Radical reaction;Photocatalyst;Aldehyde;Thiol
A first visible-light photoredox-catalyzed thioacetalization of aldehydes under metal-free and solvent-free conditions is described. Under blue LED irradiation, a reactive thiyl radical was initially generated through single-electron oxidation of thiol, which subsequently reacted with aldehydes to afford dithioacetals following a radical mechanism. The reaction proceeded under ambient conditions, and a wide range of acyclic and cyclic dithioacetal derivatives were afforded in good to excellent yields.
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