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標題: Direct growth of Mg-Fe layered double hydroxide (LDH) film on SUS-316L surface and its corrosion resistance in 0.85M H2SO4 aqueous
SUS-316L不銹鋼金屬表面直接成長Mg-Fe layered double hydroxide (LDH)保護層及其於0.85M H2SO4水溶液抗腐蝕特性研究
作者: 廖文吉
Liao, Wen-Ji
關鍵字: Mg-Fe Layered double hydroxide (LDH);Mg-Fe layered double hydroxide (LDH);SUS-316L;corrosion current density;polarization test;SUS-316;腐蝕電流密度;極化測試
出版社: 材料科學與工程學系所
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本實驗將鎂-鐵層狀雙層氫氧化物(Mg-Fe Layered double hydroxide)直接成長於SUS-316L不銹鋼表面。藉由極化測試進而驗證Mg-Fe LDH有助於抗腐蝕能力的提升,在腐蝕液為0.85M硫酸溶液的極化測試中發現,Mg-Fe LDH的腐蝕電流密度I(corr)明顯低於原材SUS-316L。二氧化碳曝氣量4.0 Kpa的試片實驗結果具I(corr)小於1.0(μA/cm2),顯現Mg-Fe LDH使得SUS-316L不銹鋼原材具有更佳抗腐蝕性能力;另外,藉由二氧化碳曝氣量的大小觀察Mg-Fe LDH片狀結構成長的情形,由SEM結果顯示經曝氣量越大而成長Mg-Fe LDH片狀結構的尺寸也愈大,二氧化碳曝氣量會影響Mg-Fe LDH片狀結構的成長進而影響相關性質。經鹽霧測試60天後,SUS-316L不銹鋼表面的Mg-Fe LDH片狀結構,並無發現任何剝落/侵蝕現象,金屬基材亦無發現腐蝕現象,因此可得知Mg-Fe LDH對於嚴苛惡劣環境有極佳的抵抗力。百格測試則可得知薄膜與不銹鋼之間的接著效果,經測試發現Mg-Fe LDH皮膜無剝離現象產生,達到ASTM-D 3395規範中的5B等級。

This research main on direct growth of oriented Mg-Fe layered double hydroxide (Mg-Fe LDH) film on the surface of SUS-316L. According to the polarization test, to investigate the Mg-Fe LDH film could enhance the corrosion resistance. Corrosion current density (I(corr)) of the Mg-Fe LDH film in aqueous 0.85M H2SO4 was lower than raw materials (SUS-316L) obviously. The sample was bubbling CO2 into solution at the pressure of 4.0 kPa and the corrosion current density was less than 1.0μA/cm2. It shows the film caused the sample of the Mg-Fe LDH film on SUS-316L has much more corrosion resistance. In addition, this research also investigate that growth of the Mg-Fe LDH sheet structure were affected by controlling the pressure of bubbling CO2 into solution.The picture of the Scaning Electron Microscope (SEM) exhibited that the area of the sheet structure of the Mg-Fe LDH was as larger as the pressure of the bubbling CO2 was higher. After the sample were test in the slat-fog during 60 days,there were no any erode or partial peeling in Mg-Fe LDH sheet structure. The cross-cut tape test for testing the adhesion of the Mg-Fe LDH film on SUS-316, none of the square of the lattice were detached. According to ASTM D3359 standard, the result was ranked as 5B and it was suggested that the Mg-Fe LDH coating adhered excellently on the surface of the SUS-316L.
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