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dc.identifier.citation[1] I.J. Polmear, Light Alloys : Metallurgy of the Light Metals, 3rd ed., J. Wiley & Sons, New York, 1995. [2] L. Rixin, P. Yunqing, F. Wang, R. Burgos, D. Boroyevich, T.A. Lipo, V. Immanuel, K. Karimi, in: Electric Machines & Drives Conference, 2007. IEMDC ''07. IEEE International, 2007, pp. 1300-1305. [3] S. Osawa, M. Yoshimuro, M. Karita, D. Ebihara, T. Yokoi, Electrical Engineering in Japan, 114 (1994) 119-125. [4] J. Childress, S.H. Liou, C.L. Chien, Journal of Materials Physics, 64 (1988) 6059-6061. [5] C.W. Chen, Magnetism and Metallurgy of Soft Magnetic Materials, Dover, New York, 1986. [6] O.Y. Kontsevoi, et al., Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 6 (1994) 997. [7] W.T. Reichle, Solid State Ionics, 22 (1986) 135-141. [8] F. Cavani, F. Trifirò, A. Vaccari, Catalysis Today, 11 (1991) 173-301. [9] C.J. Serna, J.L. Rendon, J.E. Iglesias, Clays and Clay Minerals, 30 (1982) 180-184. [10] T. Lopez, P. Bosch, E. Ramos, R. Gomez, O. Novaro, D. Acosta, F. Figueras, Langmuir, 12 (1996) 189-192. [11] K. Okamoto, N. Iyi, T. Sasaki, Applied Clay Science, 37 (2007) 23-31. [12] F. Li, Q. Yang, D. Evans, X. Duan, Journal of Materials Science, 40 (2005) 1917-1922. [13] D.R. Lide, Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 88th ed., CRC, 2007. [14] J.Y. Uan, J.K. Lin, C.L. Hsia, Scripta Mater, 56 (2007) 927-930 [15] J.-K. Lin, J.-Y. Uan, C.-P. Wu, H.-H. Huang, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21 (2011) 5011-5020. [16] J.-Y. Uan, J.-K. Lin, Y.-S. Tung, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20 (2010) 761-766. [17] ASTM Method D3359, Standard Test Method for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test, Test Method B, Cross Cut Test Method, ASTM, West Conshohocken, PA, 1993.en_US
dc.description.abstract有效率地捕捉 CO2 並將之妥善存放或再利用的 CCS (capture CO2 then storage) 或 CCR (capture CO2 then recycle)技術是發展潔淨能源的捷徑。本研究試圖將 CO2 再利用於純鎂的表面處理製程。純鎂試片於含 Fe3+ 之碳酸水溶液及鹼性碳酸水溶液進行化成處理,可在純鎂試片表面上生成一具軟磁性可導磁層。此可導磁層是由具軟磁性之鐵顆粒及鎂鐵雙層氫氧化物所構成。增加化成處理時間,試片表面鐵顆粒的數量及尺寸亦隨之增加;而試片的軟磁性質也隨處理時間增加而提升。鎂鐵雙層氫氧化物層在此軟磁性可導磁層中扮演包覆鐵顆粒於材料表面角色,並因此增強軟磁性可導磁層的附著力。定性的觀察結果顯示鎂鐵雙層氫氧化物包覆能力隨試片在鹼性碳酸溶液處理時間增加而益增。實驗中亦發現,經過壓延後的純鎂試片經過上兩段化成處理後,試片表現出的軟磁性質比未經過壓延的純鎂試片來的好。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractIn this study, an environmental friendly treatment of CO2 recycling was used to form a composite soft-magnetic layer on magnesium sample's surface by chemical reaction in Fe3+/HCO3-/CO32- and pH 9.5 HCO3-/CO32- solutions. The layer was composed of soft magnetic iron particles and Mg-Fe-CO3 layered double hydroxides (Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH). The size and quantity of crystalline Fe can be raised by increasing immersing time of samples in the Fe3+/HCO3-/CO32- solution. And the soft magnetic property of the layer on Mg sample can also be enhanced. The Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH LDH layer played an important part in covering the Fe particles and enhancing the adhesion of the Fe particles on the sample surface. The thickness of the Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH layer is concerned with reaction time of sample in the pH 9.5 HCO3-/CO32- solutions. The quantity of the Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH on the sample surface would increase with prolonging treatment time in the pH 9.5 HCO3-/CO32- solution. The rolled magnesium samples present better soft magnetic property than the magnesium sample from as-cast ingot after these samples conducted by the same treatment. Based on the same treatment process, a rolled Mg sample could have better soft magnetic property that a casted Mg sample did.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsABSTRACT (in Chinese) I ABSTRACT (in English) II LIST OF CONTENTS III LIST OF FIGURES IV CHAPTER 1 Introduction 1 CHAPTER 2 Experimental 4 2.1 Preparation of pure-Mg and Rolling-Mg samples 4 2.2 Preparation of Fe3+/HCO3-/CO32- solution 4 2.3 Preparation of pH 9.5 HCO3-/CO32- solution 5 2.4 Growth of soft magnetic layer on magnesium sample 5 CHAPTER 3 Result and discussion 7 3.1 Structure and morphology of soft magnetic layer 7 3.2 Soft-magnetic property measurement and adhesion test 10 CHAPTER 4 Conclusion 12 REFERENCES 28en_US
dc.subjectMg-Fe LDHen_US
dc.subjectsoft magneticen_US
dc.subjectadhesion testen_US
dc.titleFe3+/HCO3-/CO32- 水溶液化成法於純鎂表面製備具軟磁性可導磁層之研究zh_TW
dc.titleDirect growth of a soft-magnetic layer on pure Mg in aqueous Fe3+/HCO3-/CO32- bathen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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