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標題: 地下水觀測井建置之重要課題探討
Study on the Major Tasks of Installing Groundwater Observation Wells
作者: 楊芬容
Yang, Fen-Rong
關鍵字: 地下水觀測井;groundwater monitoring wells;裸孔井測;井體攝影;naked hole detection;well body photograph
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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After installing groundwater monitoring wells, the void in the filter around the well body, distorted well body and leakage in the connection of well tube can be detected through the advanced physical probing technology. The divided layer construction is very difficult during the installation of groundwater monitoring wells. It will greatly influence the property of measuring groundwater level in a later time. In this study, the relevant important topics incorporated with real cases are studied during the construction of groundwater monitoring wells in order to assure the collection quality of hydrological information. The analyzed results include:
1. The study is aimed at the relevant important topics during the construction of installing groundwater monitoring wells as for the references of quality management. This can improve the construction technology of groundwater monitoring wells or groundwater wells in order to assure the collection quality of hydrological information.
2. The physical probing technology – naked hole detection and well body photograph has been widely used in the groundwater engineering for judging the rock property and the condition of aquifers in order to provide the references in the design and construction of groundwater engineering. The probing technology is also applied in the study of real cases and verified for its efficiency.
3. Some cases of newly installed groundwater monitoring wells are studied for their relevant important topics during construction using the proposed procedure to assure the construction quality. More items are evaluated and analyzed to search for the causes and construction steps of the induced problems. This will provide the important references for installing groundwater monitoring wells afterwards for averting the similar deficiency to assure the reliability in the collection of hydrological information.

Keywords : groundwater monitoring wells, naked hole detection, well body photograph
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