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標題: 美國詹森總統時期之黑人民權運動—以詹姆斯‧法默與種族平等會議為例
The Civil Rights Movement in Johnson's Administration- A Case Study of James Farmer and the Congress of Racial Equality
作者: 邱傳翔
Chuan-Siang, Ciou
關鍵字: Civil Rights Movement;美國黑人民權運動;Lyndon Johnson;James Farmer;Congress of Racial Equality;詹森;詹姆斯‧法默;種族平等會議
出版社: 歷史學系所
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The 1960's in the United States was an era that all voices could be expressed and a crucial time for the African-Americans. In 1963, after the assassination of J. F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson succeeded as President. The rapid growth of the civil rights movement during 1963-1969 was a result of the Johnson administration's constructive actions. The pass of the Civil Rights Act by the Congress represented the government's amelioration of racial issues and reactions to the calls of the civil rights movement as well as an emblem of breakdown of racial segregation in the nation. In the age of civil rights movement, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), an age-old and one of the “Big Four” civil rights organizations, was the first to bring the non-violent approach into civil rights movement. James Farmer, a co-founder of CORE in 1942 and the first CORE national director from 1961 to 1966, played a critical role in non-violent method since the founding of CORE through the transformation of the ideas of non-violent in late 1960's. The Johnson administration's civil rights legislation and the enthusiastic civil rights organizations were both the main factors of the civil rights movement's unparalleled achievements.
In order to pass the Civil Rights Act, Johnson and the federation government established contacts with civil rights organizations. The civil rights organizations, in the meantime, expected to gain the rights, freedom and equality that they had been anxious for for so long under such amicable relationship. The relationship between CORE, Farmer and Johnson was established with such societal background. However, as Farmer and CORE opposed the government's Vietnam policy publicly, along with the growing difference of cognizance toward civil rights movement among CORE, Farmer and Johnson, the relationship finally faced its disruption.
This study explores the contributions of Johnson, CORE and Farmer to the civil rights movement and examines the connections and relationships among CORE, Farmer and Johnson.
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